The regime arrests 11 Syrian refugees who returned from Lebanon

The regime arrests 11 Syrian refugees who returned from Lebanon
The regime arrests 11 Syrian refugees who returned from Lebanon

On Tuesday evening, Syrian regime intelligence arrested 11 Syrian refugees returning from Lebanon illegally, in a new blow to the alleged general amnesty issued by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad at the end of April.

A local Source told Al-Modon that the Syrians left Lebanon on Tuesday morning from an illegal crossing from the Wadi Khaled border area between Lebanon and Syria on the side of Homs, in cooperation with a local smuggler, before being handed over to another on the Syrian side, who in turn He transferred them to Syrian territory.

The Source added that the 11 Syrians were arrested at the Baghdad Bridge checkpoint located on the Homs-Damascus International Highway, which is supervised by the Air Force Intelligence and Military Security branches, which in turn transferred them to the Air Force branch in Damascus, explaining that all Syrians hail from one town in Western Ghouta, rural Damascus. Damascus.

He pointed out that among the arrested refugees are people who were previously detained by the regime’s intelligence, and who left for Lebanon after their release. There are also wanted persons among them on various charges, but they returned to Syria under the amnesty issued by the head of the regime, encouraged by local figures linked to the security branches, who assured them that they would not be held accountable.

The Source stressed that their arrest was not due to the accusation of entering the country illegally, but rather because of arrest warrants and prosecution from some of the security branches for them.

The head of the regime had issued a general amnesty for all “terrorist crimes” before the date of April 30, 2022, except for those that led to the death of a human being, or related to personal rights claims.

The Minister of Justice in the regime’s government came out on more than one occasion to confirm that the amnesty decree does not include those inside prisons only, but also those outside the country, stressing that they can return to Syrian lands, but what happened to the returning refugees on Tuesday, completely undermines the minister’s story. justice.

For its part, the Syrian Network for Human Rights confirmed that Assad’s pardon is nothing but an attempt to throw dust in El-Ayoun, and cover up Assad’s massacres, at the same time warning the opponents and those wanted against returning to the areas under the control of the Damascus regime, because this exposes them to direct dangers to their lives.

The network also refuted, with documented numbers and names, the allegations that the regime released detainees from the basements of its intelligence and security branches. In a previous report, it said that the total number of detainees who were released under the amnesty is 576 people, including 59 women and 16 people who were children at the time of their arrest, while the fate of 132,000 people who were detained by the regime’s intelligence for 11 years is still unknown, and they are under arrest or enforced disappearance.

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