Energy developer: The pastoral autumn painting is similar to the accident of Nayra Ashraf .. know the details

Energy developer: The pastoral autumn painting is similar to the accident of Nayra Ashraf .. know the details
Energy developer: The pastoral autumn painting is similar to the accident of Nayra Ashraf .. know the details

After the tragic accident in which the student Naira Ashraf was victim, her picture spread next to one of the paintings, which Dr. Maha Al-Attar, the developer of energy science, said in her speech to “The Seventh Day” that the picture collects a lot of negative energy and carries many symbols that may affect whoever carries it. Or put it in his house or take a picture next to it.

crazy lover:

And the energy developer added that the late student was putting a picture of her with the pastoral autumn painting or the crazy lover as she is known among people on her Facebook page, and added that the crazy lover painting represents a person who feeds his lover before killing her, and added that despite the different accounts about the painting, she is aware Energy contains many deadly symbols, including the royals at the top of the painting and the flowers that symbolize that they are short-lived and the lover who flirts with his lover without a clear connection between them, next to the girl’s dress in the painting is very similar to the bright clothes she was wearing on the day of the accident, and the lover’s clothes The red color symbolizes evil and blood, in addition to the drawing of the man who watches her from afar and does not try to do anything, which symbolizes the passers-by who stood watching Naira after killing her..

image power:

The energy developer added that the painting carries bad energy and is reflected on its owner, and contains signs of the appearance of a really crazy lover, which refers to the young man who has been chasing Naira for two years and her family has liberated against him more than one record, but this did not deter him, and the story concluded with her death at the hands of this crazy lover young man in the same context The painting next to which a picture was taken, which indicates the effect of the energy of the painting on Naira.

Energetics Warnings From Pictures:

She added that the energy of the image, like magic, affects its owner with good and evil, and that every day there are messages about people who have finished because of the energy of their image. , And the developer warned against the image of the wings, because the use of wings in photography is to hurry the arrival of the angels of death. As for the use of angels, it is a lie, and symbolizes deceiving people as well, and taking a picture of the horns of the jinn or Satan through the program of playing with pictures, it also symbolizes a strong negative energy in many of times.

She stressed the need to respect our personal photos and not insult them, whether by placing them on candy and cutting them or beside a negative Source such as fire, blood or deadly symbols. It is also preferable to avoid using photo editing programs completely and to avoid crying, sad and terrifying filters.

crazy lover

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