Amazon opens the largest delivery station in Abu Dhabi

Amazon opens the largest delivery station in Abu Dhabi
Amazon opens the largest delivery station in Abu Dhabi

Rasha Tabila (Abu Dhabi)

Yesterday, Amazon announced the opening of the largest delivery station in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi to provide same-day or one-day delivery of shipments to customers throughout the capital, including areas outside the city, such as Al Samha, Al Shawamekh, Yas Island, and Saadiyat Island. Baniyas, and Al Wathba.
The opening of the new station comes before the launch of the upcoming “Prime Day” event next July, which offers Prime members two days of exceptional discounts on all products through the store, and continues
for 48 hours.
The new facility, which covers an area of ​​about 4,700 square meters, is the second largest delivery station in the UAE. The inauguration of the new facility follows Amazon’s announcement of its cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Investment Office in November last year to build a new center in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, which is scheduled to open Next year, 2023, it will be one of the most technologically advanced logistics centers for the company in the region.
The new delivery station aims to provide hundreds of full-time and part-time job opportunities for employees with all kinds of experience, skills and educational qualifications, including those working in the delivery stations, operations department, health and safety, supply chain technology and data analytics.
Ronaldo Mouchawar, Vice President of Amazon for the Middle East and North Africa, said: “We are proud to cooperate with the Abu Dhabi Investment Office to build the delivery station, as this falls within the framework of our commitment to strengthening partnership between the public and private sectors, and as part of our efforts to support the integrated innovation system in Abu Dhabi.”
He added, “The robust infrastructure established by the Abu Dhabi government helps us achieve long-term growth and provides a supportive environment for the latest solutions and advanced logistics technologies provided by Amazon, thus supporting the Abu Dhabi Investment Office’s vision to encourage sustainable and innovative investment in Abu Dhabi. This step also aims to promote technical innovation in the logistics sector in Abu Dhabi, create hundreds of job opportunities, and provide support to entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small and medium-sized businesses that thrive in the digital economy.”
For his part, Eng. Abdullah Abdul Aziz Al Shamsi, Acting Director General of the Abu Dhabi Investment Office, said: “The partnership between Amazon and the Abu Dhabi Investment Office reflects the ease of doing business in Abu Dhabi and the long-term growth opportunities available in the emirate, as Amazon supports our vision of sustainable investment in innovation from By attracting the latest logistical technologies to the region.”

Abu Dhabi position
He added, “The inauguration of Amazon’s new delivery station and warehouse, scheduled to open in 2023, contributes to consolidating Abu Dhabi’s position as a major global center for e-commerce and logistics services.”
For his part, Prashant Saran, Chief Operating Officer of Amazon in the Middle East and North Africa region, said: “The set of jobs that we will provide at the new delivery station will nurture and support hundreds of talents in the UAE and prepare it for the digital future that Abu Dhabi is moving towards with steadfast steps.” On the selection of Abu Dhabi to establish the new station, Lee Shepherd, director of logistics operations at Amazon in the Middle East and North Africa, told Al-Ittihad: “Abu Dhabi has established its leading position as an incubator for creativity and innovation, with advanced infrastructure and an environment stimulating the prosperity of the business sector, as we continue to innovate to provide The best services for customers and achieving the highest levels of satisfaction.”
He said: “We are witnessing an increase in customer requests all over the country, as although we do not announce the volume of packages traded on Amazon, we can observe through market studies carried out by independent companies that e-commerce is experiencing rapid growth, especially as the epidemic has accelerated The shift towards online shopping. He added: “A study conducted by Dubai CommerCity showed that the e-commerce market in the UAE is the fastest growing in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia region. There are some key factors that contribute to accelerating the growth of this sector, including strong government support, and the promotion of a culture of innovation and creativity.”

Parcel Shipping
Shepherd explained that parcels are shipped to this station from various Amazon distribution and sorting centers across the Emirates. Parcels arrive at the station because it is the most efficient way of the delivery journey. This is just one example of how we can get the most out of our operations.”
He stressed: “We use innovative technologies to enhance the efficiency of road transport as much as possible, direct drivers on delivery routes and reduce delivery times by placing delivery stations and receiving points close to large gatherings of customers. This allows us to work smarter and deliver orders faster and more efficiently.”

Corporate Support
Lee Shepherd emphasized: “We continue to innovate to provide the best services to our customers, and take advantage of our global experience and best-in-class network of operations to provide millions of products to customers in the UAE, which contributes to making a positive impact on the e-commerce system on a larger scale through many ways, as we provide Entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized businesses can benefit from Amazon’s state-of-the-art warehouse network and world-class technology, enabling them to expand their businesses online.”
Shepherd added: “Many small and medium-sized businesses have ventured into the e-commerce sector for the first time, by using our simple and convenient process to start selling online, taking advantage of our vending program, secure payments, promotional benefits and our exceptional customer service. ».
He stressed: “Amazon provides opportunities for training, refining skills and developing a set of necessary skills in the sector, in addition to preparing national competencies to work in the required jobs in the field of logistics and e-commerce, in conjunction with the continued growth of the digital economy.”
He said: “Technology is a mainstay in our operations, as the advanced algorithms we use determine the path of the packet in the most effective ways, and once the packet arrives at the delivery station in Abu Dhabi, through this technology, packets are sorted according to the delivery regions, ensuring higher efficiency in the delivery process.” .

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