Emirates News Agency – Gold rises as economic recession fears escalate

Wednesday, June 22, 2022 – 6:37 PM

Capitals, June 22 / WAM / Gold prices rose globally during today’s trading, with the escalation of fears of an economic recession, which increased the demand for the yellow metal as a safe haven.

By the time /06:02 pm UAE time/, gold prices in spot transactions rose by 0.53% to $ 1842.53 an ounce, while gold futures contracts increased by 0.44% to $ 1846.5 an ounce.

On the level of other precious metals, silver fell 1.3% to $ 21.49 an ounce, platinum fell 1.34% to $ 926.8, and palladium fell 0.67% to $ 1850.28.

WAM/ Ramy Samih/ Zakaria Mohieldin

The article is in Arabic

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