Paying in the name of Nawaf Salam, who served the forces and the Free Patriotic Union, and authorship is almost impossible

Paying in the name of Nawaf Salam, who served the forces and the Free Patriotic Union, and authorship is almost impossible
Paying in the name of Nawaf Salam, who served the forces and the Free Patriotic Union, and authorship is almost impossible

After it was almost settled, weeks ago, to rename the caretaker prime minister, Najib Mikati, in the binding parliamentary consultations to choose the designated prime minister, some have re-branded the name of the former Lebanese ambassador, Nawaf Salam, after this name is present in all consultations on the The basis is that it is one of the names that may represent a challenge to “Hezbollah”.

In this context, many question marks were raised in the political and media circles about whether this matter was due to a Saudi desire to seize the assignment paper, a few months before the end of the term of President Michel Aoun’s term, given that the assignment of any personality is not supported The March 8 forces and the “Free Patriotic Movement” will open the door again to discuss who holds the parliamentary majority in the current parliament.

In principle, these question marks were reinforced by the activity carried out by the Saudi ambassador to Lebanon, Walid al-Bukhari, specifically on the line of independent Sunni parliamentarians, according to what informed sources confirm through al-Nashra, who are still in the orbit of the “future” movement, which It was clear that he preferred the option of naming Mikati, rather than opening the door to any other candidate by parties still insisting on “inheriting” the leadership of former Prime Minister Saad Hariri.

With regard to these sources, the pivotal point in this regard was the position of the “Lebanese Forces” party, which for years has been considered the closest to the Saudi trends in Lebanon, after the “Future Movement” was the expressive one, as they indicate that not naming Salam is one of the reasons for this. Before the “Strong Republic” bloc, it means that Riyadh did not decide to engage in this battle seriously, given that the “forces”‘ going to this option could have led to a heated battle between the caretaker prime minister and the former Lebanese ambassador.

In this context, it may be remarkable that the two largest blocs in the current parliament decided to go for effective options in binding parliamentary consultations, which is worth stopping at regardless of the reasons they each have, especially since this position acquires great importance considering that they have The majority of Christian parliamentary seats.

In this regard, follow-up parliamentary sources believe, through Al-Nashra, that the push in the name of Salam served both the “forces” and the “Free Patriotic” together, at the level of negotiations to form the new government, given that the party can win a “beautiful” time by not Going to the support of a strong competitor for him, and thus opening the door of the government “bazaar” with him, in the event that there is an actual desire to go to form a government before the end of the term of the President of the Republic, while the current can do the same with “Hezbollah”, on the basis that it did not go To support a person who provokes him, or at best, to take advantage of his position in the media, on the grounds that he did not take the initiative to nominate a candidate for “the system.”

In the profit and loss calculations, the same sources consider that Mikati is also one of the winners from the payment in the name of Salam, given that it helped him prove that he is the candidate who enjoys the support of the largest number of Sunni MPs, in addition to the support of some international parties, and his not being named, by the forces Basic Christianity and the fact that the Democratic Gathering’s deputies did not vote for it would be a comforting factor for him in the authorship negotiations, given that he would have a greater “maneuvering” margin.

These sources point out that “Hezbollah” is among the winners as well, because what happened contributed to securing its victory in a new battle, at the level of the majority and the minority in Parliament, while many question marks are supposed to be raised about the state of confusion that dominated the position of the change MPs, Especially after a number of them rushed to adopt Salam’s candidacy before the rest of the deputies agreed on it, which was interpreted on the basis that he sought to put them before the fait accompli.

In conclusion, there is an equation, after the completion of the binding parliamentary consultations, that will appear quickly, which is that composition is almost impossible in the remainder of the term of the President of the Republic, especially after the differences and conditions that have emerged in the past days, especially between the “Free Patriotic Movement” and the President of the Republic. The caretaker government, which was confirmed by the position of the “forces”, which considers that the actual focus today should be on the presidential election.

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