“Nanley was immature. Everyone has to take responsibility”

One of the most beloved actors who have passed in recent years at the Yad Eliyahu Hall is Elijah Bryant. The American forward left the Yellows a little over a year ago to fulfill the NBA dream, and although he was not a significant player in the Milwaukee Bucks, he celebrated with Yannis Antecompo and his friends a particularly exciting ring.

During the current season he joined the Euroleague champion, Andulo Zero, and together with him made another history when he celebrated a huge repeat a month ago after a victory over Real Madrid in the Final Four. Now, the Yellows ex and the reigning European champion have arrived for a fascinating interview in ‘Open Field’. Watch the interview in the video player above >>

“It was a special season for me. We finished a long season with the greatest effort of all and we managed to do it,” he said of his last months, “the final was one of those cases where you play the old basketball. You try to put the ball with the most talented players, we succeeded “Our players excelled, I played well in the semi-finals, Tibor Place was great in the final. We always know that one of Shane Larkin and Vasilya Mitchic will come and we need another one to join and contribute.”

On the possibility of him returning to the NBA: “If I can get to the NBA team and really help it then so be it. But if I’m a major Euroleague player and keep getting better, it might be better for me. I chased to get to the NBA and I will continue, but only on my own terms.”

Later, Bryant was asked about the dismissal of Yannis Sapropoulos from Maccabi Tel Aviv and said: “I am still in touch with him, he does a lot for me so I am grateful for the time I was there. The blame had to fall on someone, that’s how it works. Unfortunately, the blame was placed on him, but I think that in situations in the basketball world, not just at Maccabi, all team members must take some of the blame. This is an unfortunate situation, but it is the professional way that everyone knows. “

Still in touch with him (Alan Schieber)

When asked about Maccabi Tel Aviv’s dependence on Scotty Wilbkin, he analyzed: “It’s hard to say it’s a problem, I remember he scored a huge three against Olympiacos. Nobody says anything when he wins like that. It’s a style of play that everyone plays, including us. Sometimes Celia and Shane do “It’s sometimes winning and sometimes losing. It’s basketball, it’s not anyone’s fault.”

“I know that there were some quarrels between Nanley and the Maccabi management,” he said following the harsh criticism that the Swingman strained. “Family, Maccabi is a big family and I think blaming another family member is not the right way. Maccabi has had a hard time but everyone has a part in it, me too. It is not one person, it is a unit.”

On the appointments of David Blatt and Oded Katash, he said: “Blatt has a lot of history and experience. What he went through in the NBA certainly helped him see things differently. I never liked playing against Oded Katash’s Hapoel Jerusalem, they had a great system. This signing shows “They are trying to move in the direction of a system based on Israeli players. I think this is a good signing that shows their direction.”

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