After the abduction of Israelis was thwarted: Foreign Minister Lapid and his Turkish counterpart in a statement

After the abduction of Israelis was thwarted: Foreign Minister Lapid and his Turkish counterpart in a statement
After the abduction of Israelis was thwarted: Foreign Minister Lapid and his Turkish counterpart in a statement

foreign Minister Yair Lapid And its Turkish counterpart Chebushulu in Ankara They issued a statement to the media today (Thursday), as part of the Israeli minister’s visit to Ankara, Turkey. In their statement, the two referred to the Israeli travel warning about the city of Istanbul, in light of the warnings that Iran would try to carry out an attack on Israeli targets, when a demonstration was published this morning, when it was learned that the Turks had stopped a squad on its way to kidnap a former Israeli ambassador and his partner.

Foreign Minister Yair Lapid: “Intelligence leaves no room for doubt, there is an attempt to assassinate innocent tourists and no country should tolerate terrorism on its soil, Israel will not stand aside when there are efforts to harm Israeli citizens in Israel and around the world, we need to achieve calm so we can continue flying to Turkey. Turkey is a destination “Number one for Israeli tourists and we hope they will be able to return to Turkey in the near future.”

Foreign Minister Yair Lapid and his Turkish counterpart (Photo: Boaz Oppenheim)

Lapid added that “in recent weeks, the lives of Israeli citizens have been saved thanks to security and political cooperation between Israel and Turkey. These efforts continue, only today it was reported that Turkish intelligence managed to thwart a serious Iranian attack in Istanbul. Iran is behind these attempts. “

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“It is very important that in the coming weeks we complete the process we started with your visit to Israel, which will allow Israeli airlines to fly directly to both Istanbul and the coastal areas of Turkey. “Between us, I hope we complete it soon. My friend, international diplomacy also has a personal dimension. Working with you and you is a pleasure and also a catalyst for improving relations. I thank you and your team for the hospitality, and only regret that circumstances do not allow me to stay a little longer,” he concluded. foreign Minister.

Earlier this week, Prime Minister Bennett revealed that in recent days a number of terrorist attacks have been thwarted and a number of terrorists have been arrested on Turkish soil. “We are cooperating with the Turks and it has borne fruit – we have reached de facto assassinations,” he said.

According to Arab media reports, Tayeb is described as “a wounded animal and in a state of deep madness.” The architect of the Iranian attacks is one of the strongest security personnel in the country for the past 15 years and has held a number of important military and security roles. Despite this, this morning media outlets affiliated with the Iranian regime reported that Tayeb, was fired from his post, while at the same time there are further reports of an assassination attempt on him and his transfer to the hospital afterwards after being injured in mysterious ways

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