About a hundred Betar Jerusalem fans demonstrated in front of Sigalit Sage’s house

About a hundred Betar Jerusalem fans demonstrated in front of Sigalit Sage’s house
About a hundred Betar Jerusalem fans demonstrated in front of Sigalit Sage’s house

Betar Jerusalem fans continue to protest. Tonight (Thursday), about 100 of them arrived at the home in Jerusalem of CPA Sigalit Sage, the well-known budget control chairman, and protested against her conduct and that of budget control against Moshe Hogg and the debts he created for Betar. Jerusalem, which at this stage is not yet clear whether it will be able to transfer a minimum budget for next season and play in the Premier League.

The control requires celebrants to clarify guarantees for the team’s budget for the coming season until June 30, meaning within a week, but Betar Jerusalem has made it clear that they are unable to do so and are waiting for solutions.

They also came to Sage’s house tonight. Betar fans | Shlomi Gabay

Moreover, they said in Betar Jerusalem that Deadline does not stress them, and if necessary, they will also pass a budget in early August, as other groups do, even if they have to appeal to the court on the matter.

By the way, earlier today a number of Betar Jerusalem fans who did not identify, decided to make a celebratory laugh and sent home a package that not only contained a particularly cynical letter, but also, they claim, a prisoner’s uniform, Vaseline kit and cookies: “We were also surprised to hear Sew you a case for fraud and serious sexual offenses. After reading your correspondence with the fans, we were convinced that all the cases against you are unfounded. We all hope that soon justice will be done, and the cases against you will be closed with a weak response. In addition, we heard in the media that the police confiscated your money, and even NIS 2.5 million disappeared from your digital wallet. A real mystery, “the fans wrote, claiming of course.

“Therefore, we, the fans of Betar Jerusalem, have decided to put all disputes aside for a moment, and at least help you finance a basic kit for the novice prisoner. We are of course hopeful that you will not have to use it, but want to prepare you in advance for the possibility that the enforcement systems will succeed in their malicious plot to put you in jail for a long time. By the way, the cookies fell on you during the demonstration in front of your house on Tuesday, so we decided to make up for lost time. “

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