Merav Michaeli is ready for criticism, the main thing is that they will remember her as significantly kosher

Merav Michaeli is ready for criticism, the main thing is that they will remember her as significantly kosher
Merav Michaeli is ready for criticism, the main thing is that they will remember her as significantly kosher

maximum Michaeli is trying to leave a mark on the Ministry of Transportation, as is evident from the press conference he convened today (Thursday). The Minister of Transportation has so far worked “from above” in designing strategic plans, setting budget plans and initiating various processes, while in the field of the transport crisis, it is suffocating Israelis in traffic jams every day. Now, a year after taking office, and given the fact that she will likely remain in it for at least the next six months she will try to leave a significant mark.

Such is the case, for example, the paving of 120 km of tactical priority lanes, ie those that are carried out at the expense of existing travel lanes. One of the paths you will take will be NRTs (similar to the plus path where enforcement fails) to soften the intensity of the resistance. When Bezalel Smutrich inaugurated the Nativ Plus project, he received a bit of criticism, but in the end he is remembered by the Israeli public as a good transportation minister who promoted public transportation. Meanwhile, Michaeli is perceived as moderately kosher at best and absent from the field, but it seems that Michaeli is also ready to snatch, but to be remembered.

When the dust of resistance sinks even the most prominent opponents are convinced that we have no chance of living here twice as many people as living here today in 20 years when our entire transportation system will be based on the private vehicle. It is not possible to add more road infrastructure in the crowded and congested metropolitan areas and the addition of such roads has not proven that it can shorten traffic jams, the painful truth is that traffic jams have no solution but to ensure access to opportunities there are – by alternative means other than private vehicle. Allocating the existing public resource will save years of waiting for planning, expropriations, statutory and objections to add preference paths.

Is the Ministry of Transport at all able to carry out such a plan

But as we know, in every field but certainly in the field of transportation – God is in the small details: where will the detours take place? First of all for public transport users? Will local authorities be able to cooperate when they stand a step away from local elections while still, unfortunately, a common election guarantee is adding parking spaces rather than deducting them to promote immediate public transport lanes and is the Department of Transportation able to carry out such a plan? preference.

The ministry intends to promote these lanes on intercity roads such as Road 1, Ayalon North lanes in the direction of the Peace Interchange and parts of Road 4 alongside municipal lanes through transportation agreements that the Ministry of Transportation is working on with 10 local authorities including Nahariya, Ofakim and others.

In addition to preference routes, the plan also includes changing the employment model in the public sector and in particular providing entitlement to private car benefits even without proving ownership and taxing the parking benefit that employees are entitled to, but these are subject to legislation. The former, they will find it difficult to pass and legislate.

In any case, Michaeli’s arsenal includes additional tools through which it will try to leave a mark and such a key tool will be operating public transportation on Saturday. According to her, so far she has refrained from promoting such plans to maintain the integrity of the government but once the government dissolves in any case there is no further impediment to promoting such changes. In this way, it can use its authority to add lines to vital centers even on Shabbat by virtue of the Traffic Ordinance – many such lines approved during the period of previous transport ministers are already in operation – most of them from the Likud. On the other hand, the light rail in Gush Dan, which is scheduled to open at the end of the year, will probably no longer be able to operate on Saturday, since its operating plan was set in tenders during the previous governments.

Michaeli claims that the plan was prepared by the government ministries for six months and that their presentation now has nothing to do with the elections. It seems, however, that by this time, many more rabbits will be pulled out of the hat she will try to aid in order to be remembered as someone who managed to promote public transportation and not just drive strategic moves whose fruits, perhaps, will bear fruit in years to come.

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