The developer of the Voice of Duty series is working on a new project

The developer of the Voice of Duty series is working on a new project
The developer of the Voice of Duty series is working on a new project

The world-famous shooting game, Voice of Duty Modern Warfare 2, will be released soon on October 28, and will once again control a significant percentage of first-person shooter genre players. As usual for the last months before launch, more and more leaks and rumors are coming out to the media and news sites, with information that must be said, in most cases found to be true, just because there are no really big innovations in the next title, and also because we gamers are used to We’ve seen it before in another game. Tonight it was announced that Voice of Duty Modern Warfare 2 will have a new game mode inspired by the shooting game Escape From Tarkov, according to new reports from the leaker Ralph’s Valve.

According to the information provided, a new role-playing game, apparently in the world of voice of duty, now known as the ‘Nexus Project’, has become a top priority at the Infinity Ward development studio. Almost every home studio owned by Activision contributes to the project.
Nexus or as they will be called in the future, has been in development for about four years and will combine elements of players against players and also probably against bots (AI) and against the environment, which is not yet known exactly what the “environment” includes. In addition the game will blend this gameplay with features from the world of role-playing games. Apparently the player himself will be able to carry equipment that will be more than just his weapon and peripherals.

The game is further described as an “open world”, which will continue the plot line of the campaign on MW2, with new characters, and special missions. It was further revealed that the development encountered a number of difficulties in the early years, with a number of mistakes made by the Treyarch development studio. As mentioned in Infinity Ward, they finally took on the development of the new game, but in the process also deleted everything and started anew. As a result of past glitches, the game will be released towards the middle of 2023, i.e. half a year or maybe more after the launch of Modern Warefare 2.

It will be interesting to finally get something new from the series. Too much time has passed since the heads of the company decided to take a chance on a new project that had not been tried before by a large company. True Escape From Tarkov is still a first-person shooter and is not the most pioneering project, but it is different from what we are used to getting from FPS games in recent years. The game is based on realism. The player must survive in an open world, obtain as much loot as possible and then sell it on the black market, make money, improve the character and so on. The result is a very slow and calculated game, where gamers can find themselves or their character, lying under a bush for hours just to achieve the goal or survive.

A very, very different gameplay from what we got used to in Voice of Duty. Maybe the developers at Infinty Ward and Activision have found a formula to make the game feel more voice-of-duty, without making gamers break the screens because they lost their gear for the umpteenth time. See you in 2023

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