Minister Al-Halabi presented with the delegation of loyalty to the resistance and Chehayeb educational affairs – Al-Manar TV website – Lebanon

Minister Al-Halabi presented with the delegation of loyalty to the resistance and Chehayeb educational affairs – Al-Manar TV website – Lebanon
Minister Al-Halabi presented with the delegation of loyalty to the resistance and Chehayeb educational affairs – Al-Manar TV website – Lebanon

The caretaker Minister of Education and Higher Education, Dr. Abbas Al-Halabi, met with a delegation from the “Loyalty to the Resistance” bloc, which included: Dr. Hussein Hajj Hassan, Dr. Ihab Hamadeh and Raed Berro, accompanied by the official of educational mobilization in Beirut, Osama Nasser Al-Din and Dr. Youssef Al-Bassam, and thanked the delegation. Al-Halabi on the field visit he made with senior officials of the ministry to Baalbek-Hermel, and “the good impact it left on the hearts of professors, managers, students and parents.

For his part, Al-Halabi thanked the region’s deputies and its activities for “the great hospitality in which they received him, keeping pace with the visit, and preparations to support the ministry’s files through bills and proposals for laws in the House of Representatives.”

Hajj Hassan

There was also a study of the educational needs of schools in several regions and of educational files, which Haj Hassan spoke about after the visit. He said: “We, as the Loyalty to the Resistance Bloc, were honored by the visit of His Excellency the Minister of Education and Higher Education, and we discussed a number of files, including the importance of taking official exams on time because these exams are a necessity. Because the certificate in the hands of the students is important, and also to preserve the educational level and the credibility of the certificate and the educational system in Lebanon.”

He added: “As for the second file, it is the file of teachers’ rights and the incentives that His Excellency the Minister announced that they will be given to teachers. We stressed the need to follow up efforts to compensate teachers for what they lost in the purchasing value of salaries as a result of the collapse of the national currency exchange rate against the dollar. The third file is the necessity of following up the file of the Lebanese students who were studying and are still in Ukraine and who have a problem in equivalence of their certificates. His Excellency the Minister is interested in this matter and, God willing, he will reach results. We touched on a number of other educational files, including the importance of private schools and the need to alleviate the suffering of these schools as a result of the collapse of the exchange rate and the issue of premiums and other issues.

He continued: “We were honored to receive His Excellency the Minister in Baalbek-Hermel for two days, and his presence among his family and people was generous and honorable, and we hope for him success in more giving in the educational arena and in more understandings with all educational sectors, teachers and schools, as well as the issue of the Lebanese University, which You are suffering, and we hope that there will be adequate and adequate treatments.”


Al-Halabi then met with MP Akram Chehayeb, accompanied by the “Struggle for Human” association. The research dealt with the project of the schools gathering in Al-Shahar Al-Gharbi. During the meeting, the Minister of Education made a call to the head of the Public Institution for Housing, Rony Lahoud, because the property on which the school assembly will be built belongs to the Foundation, and it was completed. Agreeing to hold a meeting with him early next week to decide on issues related to this project.

Al-Halabi was briefed on the activity organized by the “Struggle for Human” association, which is preparing to hold a round table gathering the Ministers of Education, Labor, Social Affairs and Health, to discuss the issue of early child labor, and Al-Halabi welcomed this activity.

Captain of Engineers

Then Al-Halabi received the Captain of the Engineers Syndicate in Lebanon, Aref Yassin, and discussed with him the issue of the work of the Committee for the Practice of the Engineering Profession.

Exam meeting

Al-Halabi chaired an extensive educational-administrative meeting, the last before the start of the official exams, in the presence of the Director General of Education, head of the examining committees, Imad Al-Ashkar, heads of administrative units and heads of educational regions. The legal advisor, Judge Samih Maddah, the advisor for higher education affairs, Dr. Nader Hudaifa, and the media advisor, Albert Chamoun, also participated in the meeting.

Al-Halabi put the meeting, in presence or from a distance, in the atmosphere of his visit to the Minister of Interior, the Army Commander and the Director General of the Internal Security Forces, his contact with the Minister of Defense, his recent meeting with the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance, and the preparations of all ministers and military and security leaders to ensure the security of the official exams, stressing that “the exams are fortified by all success reasons”.

Al-Shaqar thanked the Minister of Education for “all efforts to secure incentives and bids and raise allowances,” stressing that “the administration is facing major challenges centrally and in the regions, and that all capabilities are ready to solve any problem.”

The head of the Examinations Department, Amal Shaaban, offered the involvement of all the ministry’s agencies in the exams and the provision of observers and replacement cards for candidates who lost their cards, in addition to the alternatives to the cards that were suspended by a number of private schools. She also referred to securing electricity from generators and from Electricite du Liban throughout the examination period.

The head of the Accounting Department, Lara Abdullah, referred to the financial procedures and preparations to keep pace with the exams. The principals and heads of educational districts also expressed complete readiness.

Al-Halabi congratulated all the administrative, logistical, information and educational staff participating day and night, and thanked the military and security forces responsible for providing isolating the center for placing questions and then transferring them by the security forces at dawn to all centers in Lebanon and protecting all these centers, stressing that “the flexibility exists to solve any emergency problem.” He called on the candidates to “prepare for each eligible person to succeed, in order to preserve the importance and credibility of the Lebanese certificate.”

Source: National Media Agency

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