Russian doctor: Children are a major vector of monkeypox

Russian doctor: Children are a major vector of monkeypox
Russian doctor: Children are a major vector of monkeypox

A Russian doctor has revealed that children may be the main carrier of monkeypox, even though they may appear to be healthy.

According to what was reported by “Russia Today” on the Russian radio “Sputnik”, doctor Anton Rafdin, a pediatrician, said that the immune system of children is different from that of adults, so children can tolerate viral diseases easier than adults.

He added that the children will appear healthy, but at the same time they play the role of carriers of infection.

And the doctor continued, saying that a child with corona infection without showing symptoms can infect 30 people, and it is not excluded that the same thing will happen in the case of monkeypox..

He explained that any person infected with monkeypox could be the cause of a wide spread of the disease, and children in this case are the most dangerous, because they carry viral diseases easily, so the lightest restrictive measures are imposed on them.

He added, “When an adult was infected with corona, he was isolated, while when the child was infected, he thought that it was a transient matter and not a corona infection, but in fact this child was a “time bomb”, as he could transmit the infection to 10-30 people. If monkeypox started spreading, this scenario would also repeat.

He stressed that any viral infection must be accompanied by restrictive measures, so if the child is infected with any disease, he must not share the cup he drinks from, use the same towel he uses, or eat what he left of food, and these are the basic preventive measures.

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