Barcelona offers 35 million euros to Bayern Munich for Lewandowski

Barcelona offers 35 million euros to Bayern Munich for Lewandowski
Barcelona offers 35 million euros to Bayern Munich for Lewandowski

The series of negotiations between Barcelona and Bayern Munich continues to resolve the Robert Lewandowski deal, during the current summer transfer market.

Lewandowski’s contract with Bayern Munich expires at the end of next season, and the Polish has announced his desire to leave the Bavarian giant.

Barcelona were to make an offer to Bayern Munich in the last hours for the services of Lewandowski, the 33-year-old Polish striker, who is awaiting events in Mallorca, where he is spending the summer with his family.

According to the German newspaper “Bild”, Barcelona proposed to Bayern Munich to pay 35 million euros to take over the services of the scorer.

The German newspaper also confirmed that the answer will be negative, because Bayern Munich will not sell Lewandowski for less than 50 million euros.

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Bayern Munich consider Barcelona’s offer insufficient, despite the fact that for Sadio Mane, in a similar scenario (the contract expired in 2023), and for a young world-class player (30 years old), they have just paid 32 million euros to Liverpool plus some variables , which could bring the process closer to 41 million if it is met.

In this sense, other sources, such as Polish journalist Tomas Vodarchic, add that Barcelona has supplemented this 35 million offer with another five million potential variants.

An offer of €35m plus 5m variants from Barcelona would be very similar to €32m plus €9m from Bayern Munich for Mane.

Attempts continue without convincing the German club, but Barcelona’s strategy, if these sums are confirmed, will be clear.

In any case, Barcelona move with peace of mind knowing that Lewandowski has already taken a step to make it clear to the Bayern leaders that he wants to wear the Barcelona shirt.

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