Ghazl Al-Mahalla in an official statement .. Replay Al-Ahly match or withdraw from the league

Ghazl Al-Mahalla in an official statement .. Replay Al-Ahly match or withdraw from the league
Ghazl Al-Mahalla in an official statement .. Replay Al-Ahly match or withdraw from the league

The board of directors of Ghazl El-Mahalla Football Company, headed by Ali Al-Abbasi, announced during an official statement that a complaint had been submitted to the Professional Clubs Association and the Egyptian Football Association, demanding the replay of the Al-Ahly match against his team, which was held yesterday, after the referees’ mistakes that caused the team’s defeat and loss of 3 points.

The statement came as follows: “A statement from the board of directors of Ghazl Al-Mahalla Football Company

Regarding the events of the club’s match against Al-Ahly club yesterday

The Board of Directors of Ghazl El-Mahalla Football Company, headed by Eng. Ali Al-Abbasi, announces that he has submitted an official complaint to the Board of Directors of the Professional Football Clubs Association and the Egyptian Football Association, the text of which is as follows:

Mr. / President of the Association of Professional Football Clubs

Mr. / President of the Egyptian Football Association

Mr. / Chairman of the Competitions Committee of the Egyptian Football Association

Mr. / Chairman of the Referees Committee of the Egyptian Football Association

After Greetings,,

In light of the unfortunate situations that we frequently face as a club by some of the Egyptian referees who run the team’s matches, which have been repeated over and over again, and with it our official complaints that we previously submitted to the officials, and which have been ongoing since last season.

In the current season (2021/ 2022), we submitted several official complaints and protests; Due to the huge mistakes that occurred against our team in a large number of matches, including – but not limited to: –

1- Al-Ahly match in the first round, which witnessed comic events and refereeing mistakes, and we submitted an official protest against the referee (Mohamed Al-Hanafi) on 11/24/2021, and no decision was taken.

2- The Al-Ahly Bank match in the seventh week, which witnessed catastrophic mistakes from the referee of the match, and we lodged a protest against him, and our protest did not find any resonance with the responsible authorities.

In view of all of the above, and the repetition that amounts to intentional – from our point of view – as well as in light of the repeated promises that go in vain each time to reform the arbitration system and establish principles of justice between the parties to the football system in Egypt, which confirm the events of our match yesterday in front of Al-Ahly Club that they Bright and false promises, and that injustice and corruption will continue to dominate the scene in the world of Egyptian football, and in light of our commitment to stick to the glimmer of light at the end of this dark tunnel in which some (officials, with great regret) put Egyptian football; We present to you this official protest against what happened in the abnormal arbitration events that took place in the match yesterday, and it is represented in the following:

1- In the tenth minute, the referee awarded a penalty kick against Ghazl El-Mahalla, and did not resort to checking its correctness through the VAR technique.

2- Al-Mahalla team player (Yahya Hamed) was beaten with the elbow by Al-Ahly player

In the 84th minute, the referee declared him the yellow card, although the law stipulates that the player who committed this mistake must obtain the red card, and did not resort to the VAR.

3- In Al-Ahly’s second goal, which he scored in the 90:35 minute, Al-Ahly player Salah Mohsen made a mistake against Ghazl El-Mahalla player at the beginning of the goal game, and the referee did not count it, and the video referee did not summon him to amend his decision.

4- In the 94:45 minute, the referee expelled Ghazl El-Mahalla player Ahmed El-Sheikh after a summons from the video referee, although the game was not called for expulsion; Because Ghazl El-Mahalla player touched the ball before colliding with Al-Ahly player.

5- In a comic scene that indicates the referee’s lack of knowledge of the simplest rules of the football game – one of the Al-Ahly fans took to the field in the 91st minute, and remained on the field for more than a full minute, without the referee stopping the game, which is a serious mistake that requires a replay. the match; Because it’s a law enforcement error.

6- Not to mention the rude manner of the referee with the players of the Ghazl Al-Mahalla team, and his use of sarcastic words towards the players and the medical staff while treating the injured players on the field, where he said in a text to the team doctor: “Throw the player out… you don’t feel embarrassed!” At the same time, he was condoning the sarcasm and ridicule of the technical and administrative staff of the Al-Ahly club, who filled him with ridicule, without taking any position with them.

These errors caused Aley to change the result of the match, ending it with an unfair result, and contrary to the truth.

Accordingly, we address this protest to you, demanding the following:

1- Banning the match referee, Abdul Aziz Al-Sayed, and not assigning any upcoming match to Ghazl Al-Mahalla to him.

2- Replay of the match against Al-Ahly Club; Due to the occurrence of serious violations in the application of football law.

We call upon you to take the measures that would establish justice between the league teams, and to carry out your responsibility towards the parties to the system; The torrent has reached the zombie, and enough is enough.

The Board of Directors of Ghazl Al-Mahalla Football Company believes that what is happening is not only unfair to the results and the club’s progress on the right path, but the most dangerous is the sowing of hatred and malice in the hearts of the masses towards the clubs that take rights they do not have, and this is a demolition of the main goal of the sports system, as it leads to Hitting the stability of society, and stirring up strife among its different groups.

We have arranged ourselves this time if there is no decisive pause; We will make decisions that will:

1- Boycotting all competitions under your supervision (League and League Cup).

2- Compiling all the errors and situations in which we did not take our right, and sending them attached

Complaint to the International Football Association Board (FIFA).

While the Board of Directors retains its full right to take any other escalatory measures it deems appropriate in order to preserve its legitimate rights.

And Yours sincerely,,

Chairman of the Board and Managing Director

Mr. Ali Hassan Abbasi

In a related context, the council denounces the practices carried out by some media professionals, through the analytical studios that follow the matches, as well as the commentators of some matches. This is due to their biased positions along the line against our club, as well as their failure to establish the principle of impartiality, which is supposed to be in the media working in the various public channels.

The council also condemned the blatant bias of the director of our match yesterday against Al-Ahly Club; He deliberately neglected to repeat the important footage during the course of the match, which was the clip of the second goal of Al-Ahly club, which witnessed a mistake by the Al-Ahly player, which the council referred to in his previously mentioned complaint, as well as the clip of one of the fans descending to the match stadium without being transmitted by the director’s cameras on launch.

The council stresses that it does not ask its team more than its legitimate right, which revolves within the framework of justice and equality among all clubs.

Mahalla al-Kubra on June 23, 2022. “.

The article is in Arabic

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