Salman Al-Ansari writes to CNN about Mohammed bin Salman’s tour: Saudi Arabia participates in shaping the shape of the new world order

Salman Al-Ansari writes to CNN about Mohammed bin Salman’s tour: Saudi Arabia participates in shaping the shape of the new world order
Salman Al-Ansari writes to CNN about Mohammed bin Salman’s tour: Saudi Arabia participates in shaping the shape of the new world order

This article was written by Saudi political analyst Salman Al-Ansari, founder and chair of the Saudi American Public Relations Committee (SAPRAC), and the opinions expressed below are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of CNN.

I feel reassured that there is a Saudi, Arab and Muslim leader in the strength of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, at this important stage in the history of the region and the world, with all his vision, depth and firmness in dealing with the political, economic, military, social and ideological threats facing the region and its peoples. Nor can we deal with Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s tour, which included Egypt, Jordan and Turkey, in isolation from regional and international political, economic and security events.

It is a visit far from the privacy of Saudi relations with the countries included in it, as it also coincides with developments that occur, have occurred, or will occur in the future affecting the global scene, starting with the threats posed by the Iranian regime’s possession of nuclear weapons, the effects of the Ukrainian-Russian war, the energy file, and even the position of the Iranian regime. The United States is aware of these developments and its actions towards them, positively or negatively, all of which seem to be files on the leadership table in the Kingdom that are closely subject to follow-up and analysis.

The Crown Prince’s tour is an expression of what the countries of the region have towards Prince Mohammed bin Salman, especially as it came in response to an invitation he received from the leaders of those countries, which means that in addition to his position in the Kingdom and the Gulf region, he also enjoys a strong regional extension. From countries that, in addition to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, are actually the axis of stability in the Middle East and the world, and this is an aspect of a high degree of importance in shaping the future of the region or dealing with it from any party of the world powers. There are major variables in the international system; It seems that Riyadh is keen to be one of the most important makers of the shape and nature of the new world order. We are in a time when if you do not initiate the influence industry, it will become subject to the changes developed by other global powers.

I do not see that the disparity in some positions between the countries of the region may undermine the alliances. Historically, there are no two countries that are identical in all positions and visions, and this is proven by the leadership movements in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia represented by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz and Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman. And any follower of Saudi affairs discovers Saudi excellence in dealing with all international differences in the form and extent that guarantees Riyadh’s interest and the interests of other parties as well, and this is a point that distinguishes Saudi policy, especially at the present time. It is not true all the way, and there are historical evidence that reveals this, including but not limited to the form and nature of the political doctrine of the Allied countries in World War II 1945, the United States with a liberal capitalist orientation, the Soviet Union with a socialist communist orientation, and France annexed the revolutionary republic By its nature, Britain is firmly rooted in the monarchy, and this difference in form and substance did not prevent the success of the meeting and alliance of these countries, but rather their victory as well. I do not want to point out. It was pointed out to him here that the differences in the political creed of liberal capitalist, communist, revolutionary, monarchical or conservative states do not prevent agreement and joint action to achieve the goals of all parties, if they have the will to do so.

From my point of view, the three countries included in the Crown Prince’s tour, each of them has a different political form from the other. What unites them is the Kingdom’s ability to deal with these differences with strength and skill, and by the way, they are dealings that are not against anyone or threatening anyone, but rather they are in the interest of regional security and stability. Achieving development and prosperity for the peoples of the region after lean years in which the region has faced since 2011 – and still is – the threat of terrorism and the breakdown of religious fascist groups such as the Brotherhood, which wanted to convey to the Arab region the experience of Khomeini in Iran 1979, and others.

The Kingdom is now playing its role as a leading state for the Arab and Islamic worlds, and a responsible state member of the Group of Twenty, to pick up the chaos caused by all these events, especially since 2011 until now in 2022, in which the Iranian regime was a major driver not only in the Middle East but also In the whole world, the Kingdom is also confronting the state of lawlessness in the formation and deployment of ideological armed groups and militias such as the terrorist Houthi militia in Yemen, and the daily massacres it perpetrates against the Yemeni people, and the clear threats it also poses to international security and international shipping lanes, as well as what Hezbollah does Whoever trespasses in Lebanon to the extent that he robs him of all images of the sovereignty of the Lebanese state, and like what is happening in Syria and others, all of which require international efforts to confront them, and by following up on Saudi moves on the international scene, King Salman bin Abdulaziz’s directives to Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman All of them are in the interest of confronting these unrest and push towards stability in the region and the world.

In this tour, it became clear to every follower that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the center of making and unifying political decision in the Middle East, after the cases of fragmentation that the region has witnessed over the past years, in addition to the positive results regarding the economic agreements signed between the Kingdom on the one hand and the three countries, such as the agreements With Egypt, which amounted to about 14 agreements worth 7.7 billion dollars, and the agreement with the Kingdom of Jordan to support its infrastructure, including projects worth 2.5 billion dollars, restoring the momentum of Saudi-Turkish economic relations again, and other results that benefit all parties.

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