A Saudi pilot was arrested in America on charges of “nudity” in front of 4 women

A Saudi pilot was arrested in America on charges of “nudity” in front of 4 women
A Saudi pilot was arrested in America on charges of “nudity” in front of 4 women

The US police have detained a Saudi citizen in Wichita County, Texas, on charges of outrage against the modesty of 4 women, according to local media reports.

On June 14, a Saudi Air Force pilot who is currently training at Shepherd AFB was accused of stripping in front of four women in three separate incidents, police said.

Police say the first incident occurred at 8:45 pm on June 14 when the accused approached two women sitting in their vehicle in a parking lot next to a bar. According to court documents, the defendant asked to ride in the car with the two women, and when they agreed while sitting in the back seat, he was stripped naked in front of it.

One of the victims told the police that she had taken a picture of the accused sitting in the back seat.

The second incident occurred between 9:30 p.m. and 10 p.m. on the same night, about 45 minutes after the first incident, when the accused walked out of the bar and asked another girl to drive him to Sheppard AFB after showing her his military ID.

After the victim agreed to deliver him in return for paying a car filling of $50 through the “Cash” application, the accused kept holding the girl’s hand while she was driving the car, claiming that he thanked her for that, and offered to buy her dinner.

The victim said she pulled her hand away; Because she felt uncomfortable to touch her. According to the authorities, the victim stopped at a pizza parlour to download the Cash app so he could pay her for petrol.

The victim said she deliberately parked her car in front of the pizza shop; Because she was making her uncomfortable with the presence of the accused, noting that she saw him take off his pants and undress in front of her.

After she asked him to get out of the car, she said the accused then started kissing her on the cheek and neck.

On the same night, another girl was at a filling station before the accused asked her to take him to another place.

The police said that the victim took a picture of the accused’s ID card with her phone as a backup in case something bad happened and then sent the picture to her husband and told him that she would ride the accused with her to deliver him.

After the accused sat in the front seat, the victim entered the store at the station and then went back to the car again and before the car moved, the accused again stripped naked in front of this woman.

According to the affidavit, the victim told the defendant, “You have three seconds to get out of the car or I will beat you.” The victim said that the accused fled the scene quickly on foot. When the victim spoke to the police, she was able to submit the photo she had taken to the accused’s military ID.

On the other hand, the accused said in his statement to the police that he had drunk several alcoholic drinks before the first incident. He explained that he took an Uber to a pizza shop and the driver offered him to accept it for $50, and that’s why he paid her.

He said he was trying to buy a pizza and after the shop closed he went to another place to eat where he tried to ride with another woman. He indicated that she was angry with him; Because he peed on her front seat and that’s why his genitals were exposed.

When the police asked the accused about the first incident, he said that he did not remember that incident because he was drunk.

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