With pictures and names.. Here are the participants in the Miss Lebanon contest

Today, Sunday, the Lebanese are awaiting the election of Miss Lebanon 2022, after a hiatus of more than two years in a row.

While waiting for the huge party that kicks off a few hours later, the “LBCI” channel published pictures of the 17 beauty contest participants, who are:

1- Summer Agatha

2- Celine Saliba

3- Chanel client

4- Chloe Houchab

5- Christina Nakhla

6- Dalal of God’s love

7- Jacintha Rashid

8- Jacintha the Arab

9- Lara Hrawi

10- Lynn Masoud

11- Maria Chaukhani

12- Mariana Saqr

13- Marwa Makki

14- Maya Abulhassan

15- Natalia El Sayed

16- Silvana Deeb

17- Yasmina Zaitoun

The article is in Arabic


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