The mother and sister of Georges Al-Rassi fainted during his funeral

George Al-Rassi’s mother and sister Nadine entered a state of severe crying, which caused them to faint during the funeral prayer service over the body of the late in the Church of Saints Sageus and Bacchus, the Righteous One, Jbeil in Lebanon, and then they were rescued and woken up to complete the funeral prayer.


The stars flocked to the Saints Church to wait for the body of George Al-Rassi before performing the funeral mass on it, and they were received by his sister, Nadine Al-Rassi, and I cried hard when watching the star Wael Jassar and the star Ward Al-Khal, and the star Wael Kfoury sent a wreath of roses to George’s family..

The Lebanese singer, George Al-Rassi, died at the age of 39 in a terrible traffic accident, after his car collided with a middle barrier in the factory area at the Lebanese-Syrian border..

Civil Defense members had to use sharp tools and 3 mechanisms to retrieve the two bodies, and the operation took 40 minutes, according to Lebanese media..

Georges Al-Rassi is a Lebanese singer, born in 1982, and the brother of the artist, Nadine Al-Rassi..

The article is in Arabic

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