Another marriage from outside the Druze community in the Jumblatt House soon

Another marriage from outside the Druze community in the Jumblatt House soon
Another marriage from outside the Druze community in the Jumblatt House soon

Beirut – “Al Quds Al Arabi”: With the announcement of the start of distributing wedding cards for a ceremony to be held in Mukhtara on September 16, it can be said that the love affair that brings together the daughter of Druze leader Dalia Walid Jumblatt and the son of LBCI Chairman Joey Pierre Al-Daher has made its way to A happy ending, after leaks about the head of the Progressive Socialist Party Walid Jumblatt initially objecting to this relationship and his request to postpone the announcement of the official engagement until after the parliamentary elections are completed, similar to what MP Nayla Tueni did after the 2009 election when she announced her affiliation with the journalist Malik Maktabi, who is from From the Shiite sect, while she is running for the Orthodox seat.
When the wedding ceremony is completed in Mukhtara, this marriage between Joey Daher, a Maronite from the town of Arjas in the Zgharta district in northern Lebanon, and Dalia Jumblatt, a Druze from the Chouf district, will be the second mixed marriage in the Jumblatt House, as the head of the Democratic Gathering, Representative Taymour Jumblatt He was previously associated with Diana Zuaiter, a Shiite sect. It was reported that the wedding in Mukhtara was preceded by a civil marriage contract in Cyprus according to Cypriot law, where each of the two can keep his religion and mitigate objections within the Druze monotheistic sect whose sheikhs prefer to marry the girls of the sect to the sons of the same sect. However, recent years have begun to witness a departure from this rule.
Among the prominent political names who married a non-sectarian, the head of the Kataeb Party, MP Sami Gemayel, was married to a Sunni dentist named Karen Tadmuri, who hails from the northern capital, Tripoli, and met her in France. Prior to that, former minister and MP Ghassan Tueni had previously married Nadia Hamadeh of Baakleen, who is the sister of minister and MP Marwan Hamadeh.

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