Eurovision 2023 final live broadcast

Eurovision 2023 final live broadcast
Eurovision 2023 final live broadcast

Noa Kirel and “Unicorn” will go up to the stage of the competition as song number 23according to production estimates at 11:55 p.m.

Full song performance order: Austria, Portugal, Switzerland, Poland, Serbia, Zefrain, Cyprus, Spain, Sweden, Albania, Italy, Estonia, Finland, Czech Republic, Australia, Belgium, Armenia, Moldova, Ukraine, Norway, Germany, Lithuania , Israel 3>, Slovenia, Croatia and Great Britain. In addition, we have Neta Barzilai who will appear in the artistic section, which is entirely dedicated to songs that came out of the city of Liverpool.

Live updates from the Eurovision 2023 final

23:05 Family packing

The singer from Albania brings an amazing Balkan ethnicity to the stage with the backing of her parents, two sisters and a brother on a family trip at the expense of the Albanian taxpayer.

23:01 Lorin came up

Sweden has been at the top of the betting table for two and a half months. Silence in the hall, everyone is focused on the performance. There is nothing to do, Lauryn mesmerizes the screen and gives an excellent performance, better than the performance in the semi-finals.

22:53 Too complicated for Eurovision

Spain is also called Blanca, but she knows how to sing. An authentic Spanish song that asks that when she dies she will be buried in the moon so that she can always see her son. A huge singer and an excellent song, but of high quality and too complicated for this circus competition. It will be very surprising if he succeeds.

22:50 She has everything

Cyprus is shelling. Everything is here. Excellent song, excellent performance, lots of water and lots of fire. Cyprus may return to the top 5 for the first time since Fuego.

22:44 Licking the judges?

France’s La Zara begins the song high above the stage. The bets predict her success, but remember that this style of song is more pro judges who already set their score yesterday and it was full of fakes. She will not be successful.

22:39 At least the gamers will like it

Luke Black gives a bizarre performance on stage in a combination of Demon Slayers and Frankenstein. There is no doubt that this is the favorite song of the gamer community.

10:32 p.m. Greetings from Manabel Bibi

After Greece was eliminated in the semi-finals, and rightfully so, Switzerland’s Remo Forer is a young contender in this final. They are lucky that last year Michael Ben David was the one who won the X Factor, because the choreography was completely stolen from Inbal Bibi’s number which is not so well known in Europe.

22:26 Will they break the manchus?

Song number 2 is considered a Manchus in Eurovision. In all the 67 years of the competition, the song has never won this place and only once it came in second place and that was a long time ago in 1965. This time Portugal got the chance, and this time they will not break it either. The cabaret performance is hot but can’t stop thinking how many muppets lost their lives for this dress.

22:22 Who the hell is Edgar?

Austria was chosen to open the competition. Tia and Selina in the Austrian version of Polopolopopo try to find out who Edgar Allan Poe is. Opening of a party for this big event.

22:14 Noa is walking

Noa Kirel walks like a winner. You can see how excited she is and on the other hand very proud and confident in herself. In about two hours she will go on stage again, to perform “Unicorn”.

22:00 we set off, Noah with 5% in bets

Just before the grand finale started, Noa Kirel and “Unicorn” were in fourth place, but with an additional percentage increase in the chances of winning. The Kalosh Orchestra, which won last year’s competition, opens the Ukrainian Eurovision Song Contest on the UK stage, followed immediately by the traditional flag parade. Italian representative Marco Mengoni marches with the Italian flag in one hand and the pride flag in the other.

The event is moderated this year by British presenter Graham Norton, who served as the BBC’s Eurovision commentator since 2009. By his side will be Hannah Waddingham (“Game of Thrones”, “Ted Lasso”), and singers Julia Sanina (Ukraine) and Alysha Dixon (UK). We will interpret the competition Assaf Lieberman and Akiva Novik, who will be replaced by me Doron Medley, who is also one of the songwriting team that represents us in the competition, until Saturday comes out.

21:55 Power Couple

Noa and Neta from Sderot calm down behind the scenes with a final call – vote 23.

21:30 Chow Italy

Until it all starts, you might want to see Noa Kirel calling on Italy to vote for her in Italian through the account of the Israeli Embassy in Italy.

21:10 Noa Kirel niece of Dana International?

Joss Riva thrilled the fans of the competition in Liverpool with only incorrect facts about Noa, except for one.

How do you vote for the Eurovision 2023 final?

During the Eurovision 2023 final, you will be able to vote for the performance you liked. Please note – unlike previous years, this year you cannot vote via sms messages, but via the Eurovision website, or via the application of the Public Broadcasting Corporation (here).

In any case, keep in mind that you will not be able to vote for Israel – each country is not allowed to vote for its own country.

One more hour until the opening of Eurovision!

20:45 Yu Ni is beaming

The fans of Noa and Unicorn are already gathering around the arena in Liverpool, waiting to see the Israeli representative tonight.

20:20 Abia’s summer

As every year, a pro-Palestinian stand was opened outside the hall where the Eurovision final will take place. Maybe it’s just us, but it seems that year after year they get less attention from the people in the field.

Pro-Palestine position in Liverpool

19:30 Medli promises, you can relax

After Noa’s trouser-pulling in the dress rehearsal, Doron Medley shares his story that you can relax and demonstrates the fast trouser pulling in Europe.

@jahronsito ♬ original sound – Gonzalo Montiel

18:50 There is no one like mother Ilana

After Noa’s last return, Ilana’s mother, who has been close to her in Liverpool for two weeks, made sure to cook for the entire delegation. On the menu: fish meatballs, rice and, of course, from the kitchen. We are in the prime of life.

17:49 Noa is the crowd favorite

A day late – the announcement goes out to the Israeli media that Noa won the title of crowd favorite in collaboration with Tiktok. Could it be that they tried to hide it from the other delegations?

16:29 Psychopath

Noa walks backstage and takes a photo with the stolen band from Croatia. She looks too innocent around them.

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