You won’t believe: these are the differences between the chains in the basket of Rosh Hashanah products

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The Ministry of Economy and Industry and the Consumer Council launched an operation to check and compare prices ahead of the Tishrei holidays, in which 165 products found in 37 nationwide chains and websites were tested, with the aim of providing consumers with information about the price differences and a comparison that would allow the consumer to know what the cost of the basket is in the chain where he usually does his shopping and the difference in cost compared to other chains.

In the ‘Sel Tishrei’ 165 products from different categories: meat, fish and poultry, fruits and vegetables, cleaning products and toiletries, and unique products for the Teshrei holidays (such as pomegranate, leeks, etc.) and more.

The average of the product basket, on September 12, 2022, was about 2,821 NIS, and the gap between the most expensive chain and the cheapest chain is about 28%, which is 700 NIS.

We also checked the online stores: guess how much you can save? From the list of online stores tested, the price difference between the expensive chain and the cheap one is about 18%, which is NIS 464.

Want to know how much the difference is in specific products? Here are a bunch of examples that she ‘businesses’ for you:

A whole carp fish will cost from 25 shekels per kg (half free) to 32.6 shekels (quality of taste).

Gefilte Fish Meatballs ‘Dalid’ 560 grams starting from NIS 8.40 (market stores) to NIS 15.90 (Tiv Taam Deli).

Great hummus 750 g will cost NIS 8.90 (Super Alonit, Tiv Taam and more) and up to NIS 11.90 (at Shufersal Express, My Shufersal and the market stores for you).

Zion Winery 100% natural red must grape juice will cost from NIS 14.80 (market stores, Rami Levy online) to NIS 15.20 (most chains).

A huge difference was registered in the product: chunks of unprocessed frozen salmon fillet in a vacuum Tnuva fish by weight. Starting from 79.70 NIS per kg (at Rami Levy and in the market warehouses) up to a total of 105 NIS (Super Alonit and Alonit in the kibbutz and moshav).

In the analysis conducted by ‘Business’ of the data (don’t be lazy, go to the link and compare the products that are important to you!) that emerged as mentioned from tests conducted according to the Presize website on 9/12/22, it revealed that In calculating the cost of a general basket, the cheapest network It is Rami Levy online, (NIS 2,531.5 for the 165 products selected), in second place is Rami Levy with a basket price of 2,548.8, the market warehouses (2,581.6), half-free (2,597.7) and Yohannoff (2,606).

The most expensive networks They are Super Alonit (3,230.9 for the product basket), Shufersal Express (3,142.5) Alonit in Kibbutz and Moshav (3,141.7), Magev Ha’ir (3,052.6) and My Shufersal (3,052.4).

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The basket of products for the Tishrei holidays was compiled jointly by the Ministry of Economy and Industry and the Consumer Council, and is based on the food chain data processed from the Pricez website, with the aim of encouraging competition for the lowest price of the basket between the various retail chains in the market and the websites that some of them operate, and to offer consumers simple and accessible information regarding the prices of consumer products purchased by them for the holidays.

The selection of the products included in the basket was made using a systematic methodology – the best-selling product categories were selected in the week before the Tishrei holidays in 2021, and from each of the product categories the best-selling product was selected.

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