Kanaan calls for a “crisis cell”: We are facing a budget without a vision! | Economie

Kanaan calls for a “crisis cell”: We are facing a budget without a vision! | Economie
Kanaan calls for a “crisis cell”: We are facing a budget without a vision! | Economie

The head of the Finance and Budget Committee, Ibrahim Kanaan, said that we are in front of a budget compiling numbers without a vision, pointing out that “it is not permissible for us to be in front of installing tramps to secure revenues,” stressing that “the Finance and Budget Committee carried out strict and exceptional oversight and refuted the deficiencies and rejected the absence of vision and the imposition of taxes and fees to instigate deficit”.

Kanaan asked in a radio interview: “Why has the Audit Bureau not yet issued its judicial decisions on the financial accounts and determines who is responsible for spending 27 billion dollars, it is not known how to spend it and who are the political parties that prevent it from completing its mission?”

He also revealed that he opened the problem in the budget session by asking Prime Minister Najib Mikati from where he will bring the funds for the increases required in the 2022 budget, adding: “Is it reasonable to resort to the customs and tax dollars to take from people with one hand the rights that will be given to them with another hand?”

While Kanaan indicated that there is confusion at the government level, revealing that the Prime Minister promised to send new numbers according to the proposals he presented in the budget session related to tax increases and dollars, and said: “If we do not receive these proposals, we cannot discuss on September 26, and we refuse to give a check.” Blank for the government to do what it wants.”

Kanaan asked: “Is it possible that the government, the Bank of Lebanon, and the banks are still buying time while people’s deposits are collapsing, and there are no practical steps to reassure people and restore their rights to them?” It portends the worst.

While he considered that the formation of a new government is a national interest and a necessary and urgent matter in partnership with the President of the Republic to avoid a complete vacuum, revealing that the data indicate a serious effort to form a government after Mikati’s return from New York..

Kanaan also stated that the “Strong Lebanon” bloc will start a workshop next week to reach the available options and see more than one file, including the presidential file.

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