“Brothers’ disagreement” .. Why did Megan ask to meet King Charles?

British media reports said that the Duchess of Sussex, the wife of Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, had sent a letter to King Charles III requesting a one-on-one meeting.

In the letter, Markle requested that the meeting take place before the Sussex family returned to Montecito Palace in California, in the United States.

And the newspaper “Express” quoted royal expert Neil Sean that he obtained the information from a “very good Source” who told him that Meghan Markle would like to meet the new king in an attempt to heal the rift before her departure with Prince Harry.

“Now, before they go back to California, she would like to have a one-on-one meeting with King Charles III,” said Neil Schoon.

Sean added that according to his “Source”, Megan’s request was in an official letter, and said: “This is how you write to the King and of course the letter was passed to him.”

“You have to admire Meghan’s belief in herself, whatever you think,” Sean added.

Commenting on the possible meeting, he said: “It will be an opportunity to clear the atmosphere, correct some mistakes, and explain some of the logical reasons behind what they have been doing over the past two years.”

However, Neil Schön insisted that it remains unclear whether this letter will be enough to heal the rift with the royal family.

The Duchess, along with her husband, the Duke of Sussex, Harry, attended the Queen’s funeral today after spending the past 10 days with the royal family.

Brothers’ quarrel

While the two brothers did not talk to each other much, Princes William and Harry walked close to each other in more than one event at the late Queen’s funeral over the past days.

Today, cameras recorded Prince Harry and his wife, who sat in a row opposite his brother and his family, looking directly at the Welsh family, sparking speculation about the prince’s nostalgia for his family in those sad circumstances.

In the same place, cameras recorded his wife, American actress Megan, while her eyes were tearing during the memorial service for the Queen.

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