He sues his ex-wife over a sofa set and kitchen utensils

He sues his ex-wife over a sofa set and kitchen utensils
He sues his ex-wife over a sofa set and kitchen utensils


The court ordered her to pay 8,000 dirhams

September 19, 2022

19:01 pm


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Abu Dhabi: Aya El Deeb
A man filed a lawsuit before the Al Ain Court of First Instance, in which he demanded to oblige his divorced woman to pay him 20 thousand dirhams and the legal interest is 12%, indicating that she was his wife and she was living in the dwelling he owned, and that she filed a lawsuit against him in which she demanded a housing allowance, in which a ruling was issued obligating him to pay She has a nursery house rent of 40 thousand dirhams, including furnishing.
He pointed out that his ex-wife seized the furniture in his house, the value of which is 20 thousand dirhams, despite the issuance of a comprehensive ruling to replace the furniture for her.
In front of the case management office, his ex-wife confirmed that she had taken only one set, which was not equal to this amount, and that she would return it. In return, the man asserted that the items demanded were sofa sets, kitchen items, and home accessories. The defendant confirmed that she took the kit and the children’s rooms. The man confirmed that he had no objection to taking it into the children’s rooms, but he demanded the value of the rest of the items.
In front of the court, the man confirmed that the amount he is claiming is 10 thousand dirhams instead of 20 thousand, so the court decided to swear the man to the complementary oath, in a formula in which he confirms that his divorcee is occupied for him with an amount of 10 thousand dirhams. Dirhams for the kit and items instead of 10 thousand dirhams.
The court ordered the defendant (his ex-wife) to pay him 8,000 dirhams, the appropriate amount of expenses.


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