The fall of a fan on two students reopens the file of the deterioration of Iraqi schools

The fall of a fan on two students reopens the file of the deterioration of Iraqi schools
The fall of a fan on two students reopens the file of the deterioration of Iraqi schools

Incident details

  • According to local media, the two injured children are an 11-year-old student and a 10-year-old student, studying in the fifth grade of primary school. The accident caused injuries to the student’s head that required 8 stitches. As for the student, the fall of the fan caused him to amputate part of one of his ears.
  • The Erbil Education Directorate issued a statement regarding the incident, stating that the ceiling fan fell on the students’ desks while they were attending a class at Sarkash Primary School in Erbil, as a result of which two students were injured.
  • The directorate noted that the Minister of Education in the regional government, Alan Hama Saeed, ordered the formation of a ministerial investigation committee to find out the circumstances and backgrounds of the incident.

Who is responsible?

  • This incident raised the controversy once again about the necessity of upgrading the educational sector and addressing the deterioration of its infrastructure in the region and in Iraq in general, which threatens not only the educational attainment of Iraqi students, but also poses a threat to their lives.
  • The Iraqi educational expert, Ali Al-Baydar, said in an interview with Sky News Arabia: “Although Iraq has budgets and resources, unfortunately the infrastructure of its schools is still very modest compared to the country’s wealth, and it began to deteriorate, especially after the invasion of Kuwait in 1990 and the subsequent War and siege, and after 2003 there was some slow relative development, but it remained below what was required.”
  • “The deterioration of the educational infrastructure is not borne by the Iraqi Ministry of Education, which is concerned with setting curricula and developing the educational reality in the country. Rather, the main responsibility here lies with the state as a whole and the local administrations in the various governorates, as it is no secret that factors such as administrative red tape and failure to give the educational sector the education The necessary importance, they all stand behind the backwardness and deterioration of the Iraqi education sector.”

lack of customizations

“As soon as you pass in front of any government school, you immediately notice the amount of neglect that you suffer from, due to the lack of allocations granted to the Ministry of Education in terms of budgets for the restoration and construction of schools and various educational houses, making them suitable for the development of modern education needs and entitlements, and in a manner that accommodates the increasing number of students that exceed the capacity of Iraqi schools.

scarcity of schools

  • Official figures in Iraq speak of the need to build 8,000 schools over the next five years.
  • Because of its scarcity and inability to accommodate millions of students, many Iraqi schools resort to triple shifts, which are three types of shifts in one school, in the morning, noon and evening, which leads to a reduction in the hours that the student studies in the normal case.
  • The morning shift usually begins in these schools, at 8 am and continues until 11 am, then the noon shift begins, which extends until 3 pm, and the third shift ends in the evening by 6 pm, amid warning from education experts of major negative effects of this pattern. on student achievement.

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