Two Sudanese tribes sign a document to stop the enmity

Two Sudanese tribes sign a document to stop the enmity
Two Sudanese tribes sign a document to stop the enmity

The Hamar and Misseriya tribes in the city of Abu Zabad in West Kordofan state, Sudan, signed on Monday a document to stop the enmity between them, in the presence of the local security committee and the committee of good offices.

Ahmed Hassan Adeel signed on behalf of the Hamar Al-Shartay tribe, stressing their commitment to the document, indicating that they are up to the responsibility and take its provisions on the ground, calling on the Missiriya officials to work together, to spare the family problems and conflicts.

On behalf of the Missiriya, the agent of the beholder, Muhammad Muhammadiyah al-Bishr, confirmed that there has been no enmity between the two tribes throughout history, stressing their commitment to the document and its implementation. He said that the city of Abu Zabad is a model for peaceful coexistence among all components, noting that this problem was fueled by negative media on social media, calling on everyone to be messengers of peace. The document was approved by the head of the security committee in the locality, the executive director of Abu Zabad locality, Ibrahim Youssef Issa Mahel, calling on the two parties to abide by what they signed, to defuse the crisis and lead the community towards the peace conference to establish sustainable peace between the two tribes, appealing to everyone to renounce disagreement and hate speech and accept the other, stressing The stability of the security situation in all parts of the locality. He also praised the Good Offices Committee, the regular agencies and everyone who contributed to the stability of security in the locality and crowned the effort by signing the document to stop the hostility.

It is noteworthy that the most important clauses of the document to stop hostility were represented in commitment to the document, self-restraint, maintaining security and public order, stopping media exchanges, through social media, in addition to dispersing gatherings, and preventing sedition.

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