Ayelet Shaked stabs her ex-girlfriend on the right: “He is Netanyahu’s puppet”

Ayelet Shaked stabs her ex-girlfriend on the right: “He is Netanyahu’s puppet”
Ayelet Shaked stabs her ex-girlfriend on the right: “He is Netanyahu’s puppet”

Due to the series of attacks against Israelis in Judea and Samaria, the Minister of the Interior and a member of the Political-Security Cabinet, Ayelet Shaked (The Jewish Home) today (Monday) forwarded to Prime Minister Yair Lapid an urgent request for a cabinet meeting. In her view, it is a matter of a few days until one of these attacks claims Israeli lives, and we must act urgently in order to eradicate terrorism. Shaked said that “the nests of terror in Nablus and Jenin are working intensively to carry out attacks and strong action is required to prevent a disaster. Today’s shooting at an Israeli vehicle ended in a miracle, with no casualties. At some point miracles will end.” Shaked spoke this evening (Monday) with Ben Caspit and Prof. Aryeh Eldad on their show on 103FM, and addressed the request. She later referred to a former friend on her right, Knesset member Amichai Shikli, who is a member of the Likud.

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“I wanted to raise a flag,” said Shaked. “Today there is very aggressive terrorist activity in Jenin and Nablus, the Palestinian Authority is not doing what is necessary and high-intensity activity by the IDF and the security forces will be required. Now, of course things are done, but there is a difference if we put all our weight on the event or not. Today there was a shooting incident, miraculously nothing happened, but at some point miracles will run out. We see that in this area there in Samaria, the terrorist incidents are increasing both in quantity and quality.”

She also said that “we need to understand that the Palestinian Authority does not supply the goods in these areas and that we will have to deal with this matter ourselves. How? It is already a matter for the army and of course cabinet discussions, but understand that we are currently dealing with some kind of coincidences and miracles, and with the intensity of the terrorists’ activity In these areas – we can also pay in human life. We need to take care of it, and not ignore it.”

Regarding the visa law, the minister said: “This is one of three laws that we need to pass in order to be exempt from visas. I am glad that the Likud came to its senses and did not stop this law, but they should also allow us to pass the first law that they did stop. I really hope After they showed maturity today, they will also allow us to pass the first law.”

She then referred to the words of Knesset member Ram Ben Barak, who said “in a little while the announcers on television will be wearing head coverings and women will not be able to serve in the army because it (religious Zionism) is a dangerous and anti-democratic party.”

He was really talking about the party and not the public, but the religious Zionist public is a donating, serving public. I think this statement is unfortunate and he shouldn’t have said it,” Shaked said.

According to the polls, the Jewish Home Party does not pass the threshold, which means that it may remain outside the 25th Knesset. Against the background of the results of the polls, many members of the Knesset are demanding that Mashkad, the chairman of the Jewish Home, withdraw from the upcoming elections in order not to take right-wing votes to the bloc.

Shaked addressed the matter and said: “I changed the Supreme Court and made it conservative. I worked to establish 14 settlements in the Negev, I built in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria on a large scale. Neither Smotrich nor Ben Gabir did a tenth of what I did in my political life, I will continue to the end and we will pass big time”.

Regarding Knesset member Amichai Shikli, who is a member of the Likud, the minister said: “I ignore Amichai Shikli, who is in fact Netanyahu’s puppet. A person who overthrew the citizenship law, it is better if he sits quietly. What I do is mainly ignore. The Jewish Home party is a party that turns to the moral, ideological right, responsible for religious Zionism. There are many, many people on the right who will not vote for Netanyahu, because they understand that he is not right-wing, who will not vote for Smotrich and Ben Gvir, and many, many people who are looking for a house, and we rebuilt this house for them last week. It will take some time, but people They will understand that this is their home.”

Finally, she added: “Today I was at the funeral of Eliakim Haatsani in Hebron, quite a few people approached me and they said to me, ‘We support you, we vote for you, keep going until the end.’ And it really warms my heart that women come to me and say, ‘You are a model for female leadership and we vote for you.’ By the way, I am the only woman in the history of the State of Israel to head a right-wing party, and I lead it and I steer it, and we will succeed.”

Assisted in editing the article: Amitai Doak, 103FM

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