In a glittering ceremony: Maccabi Israel saluted the athletes

In a glittering ceremony: Maccabi Israel saluted the athletes
In a glittering ceremony: Maccabi Israel saluted the athletes

Maccabi Israel held this evening (Tuesday) the annual ceremony of honoring and saluting the leading sportsmen and women and the teams that achieved achievements, during which nearly 800 trophies and trophies were awarded in the Maccabiah village, in about 40 different sports, in a most impressive evening attended by over a thousand people.

Artyom Dolgupiat, the Olympic champion and European champion in floor gymnastics, greeted on behalf of the athletes and was honored, together with Anastasia Gorbenko, the Olympic swimmer, European and world champion in swimming, and Hana Minenko, the long jumper who won a bronze medal at the European Championships.

Dozens of senior sportsmen and women participated in the event and titles were distributed to a number of athletes in the fields of athletics, gymnastics, swimming and fencing. Among the athletes who were honored at the ceremony: Blessing Afripa, Luna Chemtai Saltpeter and Yan Jacques, European Youth Champion in Fencing.

In the team sports – Maccabi Haifa in soccer naturally won in a row for its second consecutive win (and 14th in total) in the state championship and qualification for the group stage of the Champions League, which was represented by CEO Itzik Ovadia. In addition, together with Maccabi Bnei Rayna, which made history and qualified for the Premier League, and Maccabi Cavillo Jaffa in its current incarnation, advanced to the National League for the first time. As well as the youth team of MS Ashdod which made history and won the championship, and the youth team of Maccabi Tel Aviv Shahar, which holds the state cup.

Two successful projects of Maccabi Israel that are gaining momentum were recognized – the Ninja League of Maccabi Israel (Einav Koznik and Gal Sharim from Flash Ra’anana who won first and third place, respectively, and Yogev Malka who finished in second place, and for women – Amit Jordani, Ella Menashe and Tam Shaked from Flash Ra’anana who won in the first three places, respectively), and the netball league and its new champion – Ben Gurion Kfar Saba girls.

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