The “panic” of the separatists.. Urgent referendums after the victories of the Ukrainian army

The “panic” of the separatists.. Urgent referendums after the victories of the Ukrainian army
The “panic” of the separatists.. Urgent referendums after the victories of the Ukrainian army

Pro-Russian officials in the separatist “republics” of eastern Ukraine’s Donbas region and Kherson in the south of the country have called for urgent referendums to join Russia, “clearly indicating the state of panic” after recent gains by the Ukrainian army, according to the Washington Post.

The appeals to the authorities in the “Republics of Lugansk and Donetsk” came at a time when Ukrainian forces continued to increase their gains and retake large areas in the east from occupied Russian forces, and expel Russian forces from most of the northeastern regions of Kharkiv.

The Washington Post points to reports that Ukrainian forces have moved into the city of Lyschansk in the Lugansk region, and into battles around the city of Sloviansk in the Donetsk region, indicating that Moscow is at risk of losing these formerly controlled territories in the east.

The separatist prosecutor and his deputy in the Lugansk region were killed in Friday’s bombing, pro-Moscow authorities said, while other attacks were reported in the south.

The recent attacks are part of “a series of targeted operations targeting pro-Russian officials in the occupied territories,” according to AFP.

In a statement posted on the website of the “Public Chamber of the Lugansk People’s Republic”, the Chamber’s Vice-President, Lena Vokalova, called for a public referendum on joining Russia, and said that the vote “will fulfill our dream of returning home … to the Russian Federation.”

The pro-Kremlin authorities in Donetsk issued a similar statement, with Alexander Kaufman, head of the public chamber there, saying: “It is time to erase the non-existent border between our two countries, having been erased in our hearts for so long, and to hold a referendum on the question of Donetsk becoming part of Russia. “.

The head of the self-proclaimed “parliament” in the Lugansk region, Denis Miroshnichenko, was the first to announce the date of organizing the referendum, following the example of Denis Pushilin, a pro-Russian leader in Donetsk.

The Kherson region, which is under the control of Russian forces, will also organize a referendum on joining Moscow from September 23 to 27, according to statements by the head of the occupation authorities, Vladimir Saldo.

Before the invasion of Ukraine last February, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced his recognition of the independence of the two breakaway regions in Donbass.

In remarks on Tuesday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov considered that it was up to the residents of separatist-held areas of Ukraine if they wanted to hold referendums on joining Russia, according to “Reuters”.

Winter is approaching the Ukrainian front.. What does this mean for the conflict?

With winter approaching, things are getting more difficult for Russia, which currently holds 20 percent of Ukraine’s territory, including Crimea and parts of the south.

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