The last day of Hadas Klein’s testimony: “Most of the cigars were bought for Netanyahu, that’s the truth”

The last day of Hadas Klein’s testimony: “Most of the cigars were bought for Netanyahu, that’s the truth”
The last day of Hadas Klein’s testimony: “Most of the cigars were bought for Netanyahu, that’s the truth”

The prosecution witness in the Netanyahu trial, Hadas Klein, who serves as the personal assistant of Arnon Milchan and James Packer, takes the witness stand for the last time this morning (Tuesday). The prosecutor, attorney Dr. Alon Gildin, conducts the re-examination, in which he reserves the right to ask clarifying questions concerning the matters raised in the cross-examination.

Gildin read to the witness, despite defense counsel Hadad’s objection, the full statements made by the driver Yonatan Hasson to the police regarding the destination of the cigars purchased by Milchan’s team, after Gildin Hadad claimed that Hasson had been partially quoted in the main investigation. According to the text that was read, 99 percent of the cigars were destined for Netanyahu, and Klein replied, “Most of the cigars were purchased for Netanyahu. I’m glad to see that Yonatan said similar things, but even in the cross-examination I said that this is what I know and even if they shake me I won’t say anything else. This the truth”.

Gildin asked about what Klein had seen about giving cigars to guests at meetings Milchan attended and she was not in the room, and Klein clarified, “There were never cigars where Arnon hosts. If he wanted to bring a cigar to a guest he would have asked me. There is no way Arnon would have He goes to the basement in the second house and brings the guest a cigar himself.”

Prosecutor Dr. Alon Gildin once again asked the witness to present to the witness additional things that Arnon Milchan said to the police, and said that during the cross-examination, “my friend presented the witness with a partial picture and misled her.” Everything you do is for communication purposes. Shame on you. I read to the witness a section of the investigation that has a beginning, middle and end. I ask that you bring the full story to the court and that the court say if I was wrong.” Gildin’s attempt to ask the witness to clarify the extent of champagne consumption by the Milchan family itself was blocked by the judges. A question about soft drink consumption in the Milchan house was also blocked.

Later, another debate developed around a question concerning the visit made by Arnon Milchan, according to the prosecution, to Balfour in 2011 and champagnes that were or were not brought to Balfour. After the invoices were presented to Klein, she replied that champagne had indeed been delivered and in response Hadad grinned loudly. Klein was furious at the ridiculousness and said “It’s very ugly. Later, because of such laughs, things are written about me.” A question that Gildin wanted to ask Klein about her estimates regarding the amount of champagne bottles delivered to the Netanyahu family was blocked by the judges, who stated that there is no place for such a question in a re-examination.

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