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Mai Fahmy

Some celebrity funerals witnessed sharp quarrels erupting during their funeral, which shocked the audience, as space or time never allow such things, but what happened exceeded expectations, and sometimes developed into fistfights.

Samir Ghanem’s funeral
During the funeral of the artist Samir Ghanem, his family warned against using mobile phones to photograph his family from close, and after the burial and while receiving condolences, a woman appeared who tried to take very close pictures, bypassing customs and traditions, which prompted the media, Rami Radwan, husband of the artist, Donia Samir Ghanem, to her river, The matter came to push the phone with his hand, to then appear apologetic, explaining the extent of the psychological pressure they were in, pointing out that he warned her more than once to stop filming and move away.

Mamdouh Abdel Alim
The shocking death of the artist Mamdouh Abdel Alim, and it seems that the shock of his fans was so great that some of them did not control their sad emotions at the funeral. After praying over the body in the mosque and leaving, a sharp quarrel erupted between two of his lovers, each of whom tried to carry the coffin alone, and the matter came to a fistfight.

Farouk al-Fishawy
The artist Ahmed El-Fishawy lost control of his nerves during the funeral of his father, the late artist Farouk El-Fishawy, as the crowd rushed outside the mosque, and the body almost fell, which made him push them with his hand away from the door.

nice salary
A quarrel erupted between the security personnel in the mosque, and the photojournalists at the funeral of Qadir Jamil Ratib, as the security wanted to prevent the photographers from practicing their work, which prompted some officials to intervene and solve the crisis.

Nour El-Sherif
A correspondent of a satellite channel tried to record with the artist Izzat Al-Alayli at the funeral of the artist Nour Al-Sharif, which made Al-Alayli get angry and leave the reporter, and go to sit next to the artist, Adel Imam.

Mohammed Al-Saghir
The late beautician and hairdresser Mohamed Al-Saghir, whose funeral also witnessed a violent quarrel between the artist’s business manager, Ahmed El-Sakka, who tried to prevent a photographer from completing his filming of the funeral ceremonies, but the photographer insisted on continuing, and the crisis erupted.

Mahmoud Yassin
Actress Wafaa Amer expressed her feelings at the funeral of the late Mahmoud Yassin, as she tried to prevent the audience from filming, especially with the crowding in the funeral.

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