The European Union on Putin’s move: he chose escalation

The European Union on Putin’s move: he chose escalation
The European Union on Putin’s move: he chose escalation

The position of the European Union comes as Putin decided, Wednesday, to partially military mobilization in Russia, to start from today, against the background of the war in Ukraine, where the Russian army recently suffered losses.

In an interview with Sky News Arabia, the European Union spokesperson said, “At a time when we celebrate the International Day of Peace and world leaders are meeting at the United Nations in New York to discuss cooperation, prosperity and security, the Russian President decides to announce a partial mobilization of Russian forces.”

He added: “This is the extent of the interest of the Russian authorities in world peace and international law, and evidence that Putin is not interested in peace.”

He explained that the Russian decision meant “escalation” and the continuation of the war on Ukraine “instead of recognizing that his war failed and leads only to death and destruction.”

‘sign of despair’

The Russian decision comes as Ukraine consolidates its position on the northeastern front, amid an ongoing counter-offensive using captured Russian tanks, with Kyiv pledging further incursions into Moscow-controlled territory.

And the spokesman for the European Union returned, to say that “the latest measure is a sign of Russian desperation after the great progress of the Ukrainian army on the ground.”

“Most importantly, President Putin is also showing the international community that he does not care at all about the global consequences of his aggressive war on Ukraine that undermine global security and exacerbate the global food crisis that threatens the livelihoods of millions around the world,” he added.

Resolution details

* Putin ordered the Ministry of Defense and the Chief of Staff to implement partial mobilization.
* Putin said he signed a presidential decree to implement partial general mobilization.
* General fatigue in Russia begins on Wednesday.
* The government should provide funds to increase the production of weapons.
* 300,000 reserve forces will be called up, according to the decision.
* Those called up will receive military training prior to their deployment.
* The decision applies to those with previous military experience.

worrying escalation

Earlier, British Foreign Secretary Gillian Keegan said that Putin’s speech, in which he announced partial military mobilization, represents a worrying escalation.

“The threats made by (Putin) must be taken seriously,” Keegan said in an interview with the British “Sky News” network.

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