Minister of Local Development: We seek to expand the “Ayyad Masr” platform to open

Minister of Local Development: We seek to expand the “Ayyad Masr” platform to open
Minister of Local Development: We seek to expand the “Ayyad Masr” platform to open

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The Minister of Local Development Hisham Amna affirmed the interest that President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi attaches to the “Ayady Masr” platform and creating job opportunities for women, youth and girls in all governorates, which contributes to the economic empowerment of local communities and improving their standard of living, in addition to strengthening and supporting the government’s efforts towards a digital transformation strategy through projects and initiatives. Which is being launched, including the “Ayady Misr” electronic platform, which contributed to creating job opportunities, especially during the two years of the Corona pandemic.

This came during Amna chairing the first coordination meeting of the ministerial committee to support and develop the “Ayady Misr” platform for marketing handicraft and heritage products, which was hosted by the ministry in the presence of representatives of ministries, relevant authorities, the World Food Program, (e-markets Egypt) and leaders of the Ministry of Local Development, to discuss achieving integration and possible cooperation between Ministries and authorities to advance the platform and develop a strategy for the production and marketing of handicraft and heritage products internally and externally during the coming period.

He said, “The ministry is working within the framework of the strategic plan that it has set for the “Ayyad Masr” platform to continue developing and expanding its scope to increase the spread of the offered products and open new markets for them at the local and international levels, which contributes to providing new job opportunities and supporting the various efforts of the state in eliminating unemployment.” .

The Minister of Local Development valued the successes and efforts achieved by the “Ayady Masr” platform since its launch by the Ministry of Local Development, praising the level of handicraft, handicraft and heritage products displayed on the platform.. He pointed out that the ministry continues to support the platform in coordination with the rest of the ministries and relevant authorities in implementation of the political leadership’s directives to support young people. Producers and designers of ladies, girls and young men in all Egyptian villages and cities.

During the meeting, Hisham Amna welcomed the participants in the meeting from representatives of all ministries and agencies concerned with developing the “Ayyad Masr” platform, within the framework of the first meeting of the steering committee concerned with the process of developing the electronic platform, with the support and coordination with the World Food Program and the company (e-markets Egypt) affiliated to the Ministry of Finance, praising the efforts of All national authorities that have participated during the past months in meetings and discussions to crystallize the optimal method for how to achieve benefit within the framework of the “Ayyad Masr” initiative to become a unified electronic platform for products and handicraft and heritage goods produced in all governorates of the Republic.

During the meeting, representatives of all ministries, authorities, and the Chamber of Handicrafts Industry discussed the experiences gained in this important file through the efforts made by all ministries in the field of enhancing the capacities of producers of handicrafts, heritage and handicrafts, and how to benefit from what is offered by the Ayady Misr platform as a marketing tool. It has structures in all governorates and points of contact that work on the ground with producers, in addition to the efforts made in the field of training and rehabilitation and participation in local and international exhibitions, the last of which was on the external level “Ayyad Masr” exhibition in the Egyptian pavilion at the World Urban Forum in Katowice, Poland, June Egypt’s Hands exhibition in the Kenyan city of Kisumu, on the sidelines of the African Cities Summit last May, and at the local level, participation in the fourth session of the Conference of African Ministers of Local Development in Cairo last August, as well as the exhibitions Our Heritage, Our Homes and the Fustat City Festival, and the “Hands of Egypt” pavilion on Cities Day International in Luxor Governorate.

The meeting also witnessed the exchange of experiences in the field of marketing and improving the products offered on the platform, with great praise for the platform and what it achieved during the past period.

It was also agreed to divide the work of the ministerial committee concerned with the “Ayady Masr” platform into 4 sub-committees: the committee for participation in international exhibitions and events, the technical committee for managing the platform, the committee for technical support and training of vendors, handicrafts and heritage producers, and the technical and technological committee, as well. It was agreed to set up a direct joint communication mechanism between representatives of all agencies and ministries to exchange ideas to unify integration efforts with “Ayady Egypt” to become the electronic platform that expresses national partnership between various agencies, institutions and ministries in order to support and develop traditional and handicrafts and promote their products while supporting them with all training and technical needs Technological, marketing, saving the cost of those operations, managing the necessary needs and taking into account the standard specifications for the production of products to the world, expressing the civilization and history of Egypt in its best form.

It is worth noting that the Ministry of Local Development had launched the “Ayady Misr” platform during the celebration of Egyptian Women’s Day on March 16, 2021. The platform is distinguished from other marketing sites in terms of trust and credibility, and that its products have a distinctive Egyptian heritage. The platform currently includes nearly 1335 different artistic products made by Egyptian producers from different governorates of Egypt.

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