The disadvantage of Eran Zahavi will not affect Israel

Like the Israeli national team, the Albanian national team is also preparing with all its might for the fateful meeting that will be held tonight (Saturday, 9:45 p.m.) at Bloomfield Stadium as part of the Nations League. The Albanians know that only a victory will give them a real chance to finish at the top of the house, and the game is as important to them as it is to the blue-whites. the coach of the national team Eddie Raya He spoke at a press conference that was broadcast live on the website.

Eran Zahavi, the greatest scorer in the Israeli national team, was not called to the squad and will not play against you. What do you think about it and will his absence have an impact?
“No matter who plays or not, it will be a decisive and important game. I know the ability of the Israeli national team. The disadvantage of Eran Zahavi will not change and will not really affect, everyone who plays for the Israeli national team will give their maximum. The desire to get the best result will decide tomorrow how the game will end together with the mentality.”

Raya: “Israel will manage even without Zahavi”

What do you think about the Israeli national team?
“Israel has more points than Albania, so we must win the next game. A draw is not a result we will accept. I checked Israel in depth and how they play, they play fast sometimes with the support of the crowd and from our point of view we must not give them space because every free player knew how to run fast with the ball deep. At the same time, I am convinced that we will make an excellent game”.

Eddie Raya (Radad Jabara)

Will the disadvantage of Manor Solomon affect?
For us, the most important thing is to come with the right spirit to this game. I know Manor Solomon and even if he is missing then they have Dolev Haziza, Shawn Weissman and Liel Abda, so Israel has good quality. Of course we also have good players, but we will mainly need determination and character in the upcoming game.

What are the weak points of the Israeli national team?
“Of course we prepared, but we will have to see what happens on the field. The challenge will be not to fall behind, this time we will have to score and take advantage of our opportunities.”

Even before that, Lazio’s defender also spoke. Elsayed Hissai.

What are the team’s goals and how do you see the game?
“We come ready for the game to win and get three points, the team is quite ready, both mentally and physically to win.”

Elsayed Hissai (Radad Jabara)

What changes are you planning for the game?
“The players are ready for any change and we believe in our coach and support him in any change in the game. We are sufficiently mature and experienced players and our goal is to rise from first place at home. We will do our best to win. The goal is only victory. We believe in our bench, it is ready for any situation in the game.

Will the pressure on the Israeli national team actually be good for Albania?
“The pressure on both national teams, we don’t look at the disadvantage of Eran Zahavi”.

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