Senior American: “If Hezbollah acts – we will not be able to stop Israel”

Senior American: “If Hezbollah acts – we will not be able to stop Israel”
Senior American: “If Hezbollah acts – we will not be able to stop Israel”

Senior American officials claimed this evening (Friday) in Saudi media that during the meeting of the American Secretary of State, Anthony Blinkenwith the Prime Minister of Lebanon, Najib Mikatiwarned Lincoln that if Hezbollah were to act, even if only for a show of force, Washington would not be able to stop Israel from reacting and would not be able to control the reaction.

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In the north they fear a confrontation with Hezbollah: “We will find ourselves with quite a few casualties and dead”

As a reminder, at the beginning of this month it was reported in the Lebanese Al-Akhbar newspaper that Washington increased the pressure on Israel, following new intelligence information according to which Hezbollah has changed the deployment of forces and is preparing for military action. Following this, President Biden spoke with Lapid and demanded that he speed up the negotiations. According to sources privy to the details, the Americans obtained Israeli approval, referred to by them as the “torch deposit”, and includes, among other things, the definition of “Seda Kana” as Lebanese territory and the absence of any type of normalization from a technical, financial and commercial point of view.

The Secretary General of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, said last week that “the Israelis and the Americans have enough information about the strength of our resistance, we are not part of the negotiations, but our eyes and our missiles are aimed at a shark.”

The Secretary General of the Shia terrorist organization added that “we gave a real opportunity for negotiations with the aim of getting Lebanon out of the economic chaos.” He also warned that “Israel must be careful that Lebanon does not get its rights, this is a red line. If they force us to enter into a conflict, we are ready for it. Lebanon is facing a golden opportunity that will never be repeated. With the help of gas production, its problems can be addressed.”

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