Jordan enters the “Guinness Book” .. with the largest “T-shirt” in the world

A Jordanian detergent company managed to enter the Guinness Book of World Records after designing the largest shirt in the world.

The shirt was displayed in the stadium of the University of Applied Sciences in the Jordanian capital, Amman, in the presence of the Jordanian Minister of Industry and Trade Youssef Al-Shamali. which covered 7600 square metres.

The record-breaking T-shirt

The company said in a press statement, “What inspired us to choose this record to try to break it is its connection to the nature of our products, specifically the pioneering washing powder that enjoys the trust of millions of families in Jordan and abroad.”

The Minister of Industry and Trade participated in the founders of the “Industrial Giant Group” of the platform while receiving a certificate from the Guinness Book of World Records in breaking the world record for the largest shirt, and the group was granted the right to use the Guinness logo on its website for a period of three years.

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Record documentation

For his part, the Northern Minister said that “this achievement is a pride for Jordan, and a great achievement for the national company.”

Al-Shamali stressed that it is “a special day for the history of Jordanian industry, and for this company that continues to give, achieve and think about the national interest, as this company did during the Corona pandemic, from the support of the local community.”

It should be noted that the giant T-shirt will later be used to produce about 8000 “T-shirts” of normal size, which will be distributed to needy families in several Jordanian regions.

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