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Nisreen Darzi (Abu Dhabi)

Dana Mohammed Ahmed, a 19-year-old innovator, born in the UAE, prompted her passion for humanitarian work to make a qualitative imprint in the world of digital content before she took her first steps on the university’s doorstep. The idea of ​​designing the EcoSpectrum app, the first of its kind that aims to elevate autism students into discussions about climate conservation. The application is under implementation, and it adopts its support and launch of the newspaper “Al Ittihad” through its pages and websites on social media, as part of its initiatives and its quest to highlight the innovations of young people of different nationalities, and to enhance their skills in line with the government’s strategy in the field of foreseeing the future.
A piece of information that Dana Ahmed heard a few months ago and engraved in her conscience about the severity of the sensitivity of autistic children and the need to integrate them into society to be happy, which prompted her to read more about this group, which has the right to have what is available to others. Hence the idea of ​​the ambitious young woman to create the EcoSpectrum application, which provides information and the latest studies and files from the United Nations on climate in an innovative and smooth way, to be available and understandable to all, specifically the target group.

lines of communication
With more care to spread the application to reach the largest possible segment, Dana is working to extend lines of communication with more than one academic body, and is currently cooperating with a group of schools inside the Emirates that follow the International Baccalaureate curriculum, which directs students to the need to complete 150 hours of volunteer work, so that the participation of A number of them are in the environmental conservation movement, by translating the United Nations climate documents into more than 100 languages, and amending them to be easy to understand and suitable for students with autism to benefit them and ensure their safety. All of the foregoing confirms Dana’s keenness to continue developing her project, saying: The application pushes us to achieve a more comprehensive goal, by contributing to encouraging the addition of climate subject to the school curricula in the UAE, so that the country will be proactive in promoting environmental awareness among students in a scientific manner based on real experiences. .

  • Dana Ahmed during her participation in the United Nations Ocean Conference in Lisbon, Portugal (from the Source)

Scientific Documents
When Dana talks about her project, which will see the light of day in the coming weeks after it has been finalized, it becomes clear how much she believes in what she is accomplishing, and her ability to use her research tools that prompted her to move forward with her idea until it sees the light. She confidently describes EcoSpectrum as an app that revolutionizes education to build a sustainable future for students with autism, talking about climate change and how they can confront it.

more affected
By reviewing the broad points of her project, Dana stops at scientific documents, through which she explains the reason that prompted her to navigate the world of autism, and among these facts is that, according to the National Autism Society, people with autism are 3 times more likely to be affected by the process of bad climate than others, whether by sweating Or air or sound pollution, and field studies have proven that they have a strong sense of humor, and they are more affected by environmental disasters that happen around them such as hurricanes, floods, fires and heat waves, which negatively affects their mood and behavior, and exposes them to psychological and physical diseases. According to Dana, from specialized sources, the lack of educational resources and friendly schools for autistic students around the world has led to a high rate of absenteeism from a segment of young people, depriving them of the tools they need to empower and respond effectively to environmental changes that may occur.

effective solutions
As a result of her diligent follow-up on this subject, Dana expresses her belief in her project, saying: Our responsibility towards students with autism comes by providing their access to educational environmental resources, and helping them to participate in discussions and conferences that explain to us the concerns they are exposed to due to climate change and global warming, and we must strive To find effective solutions, in order to ensure their safety in the face of dangers, and thus we have contributed to the integration of autistic students into society.
Dana concludes her speech with a smile of hope with the first promising achievement, praising the efforts of the newspaper “Al Ittihad” for its adoption of the launch of the application.
Digital EcoSpectrum, and its belief in the information and scientific documents it provides that serve the various segments of society, specifically the autism category.

Volunteer work
The application works to attract IBSC students in the UAE to participate in volunteer work and translate documents on climate issues in different languages, in exchange for obtaining CAS hours, with the aim of increasing awareness and knowledge about climate change among young people and students in general, including autistic students.

100 languages
The EcoSpectrum application, launched in English from the UAE, provides translations of United Nations climate protection documents, in more than 100 languages, and adapts them to suit the needs of students with autism. So far, Dana has received translations into Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Punjabi and French.

ocean climate
EcoSpectrum is the first application of its kind to raise the level of autistic students in discussions of how to preserve the ocean climate.

Dana Ahmed is preparing to travel to Scotland to study law and political science at the University of Glasgow, and she aspires to become an ambassador or minister in the future.

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