The late Moshe Yonatan Lipman

The late Moshe Yonatan Lipman
The late Moshe Yonatan Lipman

The late Moshe Yonatan Lipman, one of the well-known figures in Moshav Miron, who spent Rosh Hashanah in Uman in Ukraine, near the Zion of Rabbi Nachman of Breslav – passed away, when he was only 48 years old.

The deceased collapsed last night – on Rosh Hashanah during his departure from the city of Oman, and after resuscitation operations, the medical teams had to determine his death as a result of cardiac arrest, all this just a few hours after the end of the holiday.

Mathes Shapira, head of the Uman Rescue Union branch, said: “We arrived at the scene with ambulances and the intensive care team of the Uman Rescue Union, and with the help of a doctor from the Uman Clinic, we performed prolonged CPR on him in an attempt to save his life. Unfortunately, he was pronounced dead at the scene at the end of the resuscitation efforts.”

Aharon Ben Harosh, deputy head of the Uman Rescue Union branch, reported from the scene: “This is a sad case after the Rosh Hashanah events in Uman. We are now working with the assistance of businessmen in Breslav to fly his body to Israel.” It should be noted that from the moment the sad case became known, a number of businessmen are working around the clock to expedite his return to Israel, and that at this stage the date of his funeral is not yet known.

The deceased did not leave behind a viable seed. May his soul be bundled in the bundle of life.

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