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The Georges Hobeika Spring-Summer 2023 collection came with more exquisite and distinctive details that suit the tastes of a new category of the young generation, and the reason is that the designer’s son, Jad Hobeika, shared the tasks of the creative management with his father,

After unveiling the first collection that formed the fruit of a collaboration between Georges Hobeika and his son, the co-creative director is inspiring the youthful spirit in the ready-made designs, inspired by the world of flamingos.

The specifications of the flamingo appeared in a different way, but distinctive

For the uniqueness to accompany each design in the collection, as we used to notice in the previous collections of the house, Georges and Jad Hobeika re-adjusted the specifications of the flamingo, to be different from what distinguishes it in reality.

The group painted a painting of vibrant colors

From here, the flamingo was woven according to their imaginations, so it appeared in the background of the catwalk in blue instead of pink and in giant sizes, which gave a dazzling effect to the fashion that reflected boldness, elegance and femininity at the same time.

A group that reflects a commitment to freedom

The looks expressed the yearning for freedom, which was manifested in the use of a palette of bright and contrasting colors, and a mixture of neon shades with gold and silver that accompanied the collars and long gowns with ruffled ends.

Georges Hobeika Spring-Summer 2023 Ready-to-Wear Dresses
Dresses combined audacity, elegance and femininity

Also, the distinctive combination of turquoise and aquatic in suits was distinguished by its graphic design and drawings that embodied the flamingo.

Georges Hobeika spring/summer 2023 collection
Each dress in the collection is unique with its attractive features

A special meeting between high fashion and sports

The designs combined sports and high fashion, including swimwear, decorated with rich embroideries and coordinated with skirts and capes.

Georges Hobeika flamingo inspired collection
The new Georges Hobeika collection is perfect for the free woman

Attractive details

In addition to the cuts and colors, the new collection was distinguished by exceptional details that adorned the designs, as soft feathers fell from the edges of the dresses that took the forms of short, youthful coats, while the bright embroidered butterflies shone on brightly colored dresses.

Georges Hobeika evening dresses for spring and summer
The range includes options to suit different tastes

Also, some looks were decorated with the house’s “monogram” print, which also appeared on a range of accessories such as tulle gloves, shoes and socks. Orchids appeared on the edges of the new baguette-inspired shirts and bags, which also bloomed on laser-cut belts and cylinder hats.

The details that adorn the luxurious dresses of Arab designers, including Georges Hobeika, are what make them the choice of the most important celebrities, as we noticed in the appearances of stars in Arab designers’ fashion at the Cannes Festival.

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