Retribution from the maid who killed the child Nawal Al-Qarni

The mother of the child, Nawal Al-Qarni, whose case shook the feelings of the Saudis four years ago after her murder at the hands of a maid, recorded the date of October 2, 2022 AD in her memory, considering that this day came for her sake, after the execution of retribution from the maid at nine in the morning.

The punishment for retribution came after it was proven that the maid was convicted of deliberately, aggressively and violently killing the child, Nawal Al-Qarni, by stabbing her several times while she was sleeping in a safe place. in different parts of his body with intent to kill him. The verdict was issued to kill the defendant, Fatima Muhammad Asfaw, with the death penalty.

In an interview with, the mother of the child, Nawal, said: “God compensated me instead of patience, and forced me after fatigue, and I ask God to compensate me and fix my children and bring me together with Nawal in the gardens of bliss. “.

Ali and next to him Nawal

waiting for punishment

In the details that the mother of the child, Nawal, mentioned, she indicated that she had not calmed down for all those years, and she was waiting for retribution from the maid who killed her daughter in an ugly way, and she was following up the case in the Ministry of Justice and with the judges, and she demanded retribution and prayed a lot to speed up the sentencing of her daughter’s killer. .

And she continued the conversation: “Today, my daughter Nawal, 4 years and 3 months, passed away, and throughout that period I was following the case, and retribution was carried out by the sword today at 9:10 in my presence, and by order of the Ministry of Interior, in the same way that I killed my daughter.”

The mother said: “I lived through difficult circumstances after the death of my daughter, and devoted my life to taking care of my son Ali, who was studying in middle school when the tragedy struck, and now in secondary school, and God blessed me with my child Rayan to be another force for my heart.”

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Nawal Al-Qarni

state of shock

Nouf Saad Al-Shahrani, the mother of the child Nawal, remained in a state of shock, bereavement and continuous crying after the murder of her daughter at the hands of the Ethiopian worker in Riyadh, so the pictures of the 11-year-old daughter do not leave the eyes of the bereaved mother, as she remembers her shriveled daughter at the hands of the maid.

And about the details of the horrific crime, Nouf, who works as a nurse at King Salman Hospital in the emergency department, said: “I live in the worst nightmare that a mother can go through, to go home, to find her two children drenched in their blood. Two and a half years ago, I did not notice any behavior or psychological ailment in her.

Concerning the maid, Nouf said: “She was very affectionate towards my little one, and she asked my mother, after she received her salaries, not to deport her due to the bad conditions in Ethiopia, and one day before her travel date, she explained to me that things are not good in her country, and that she does not want to travel.”

And she added, “The day before the crime, I went out with her and bought her things from my own account and did not take from her salary, and I did not notice anything strange in her behavior.”

The last meeting..and the scene of blood

And about Nawal, Nouf said: “She loved to play with electronic devices and PlayStation, and my last meeting with her was before I went to work at quarter past nine, when I found her awake, so I asked her to go to sleep, and I left her and went to work, and after ten my son called to tell me that the maid had stabbed him and his sister. “.

The mother continued her speech, saying: “I went out of the office like a madman and asked a colleague to drive me home, and on the way I wished to run to hurry up, and I called the Red Crescent, the Civil Defense and the security authorities, and I arrived home with them at the same moment, only to discover that I had forgotten the keys in the office.” I called Ali and asked him to put pressure on the wound until I arrived, and Ali opened the door and saw his sister behind the door soaked in her blood, and after attempts, Ali managed to open the door to see the worst view a person could see. It is a sight to see her in heaven, and I can only say thank God.”

She concluded her speech: “Lord, give me patience for her separation, for she and Ali grew up with me, and we were friends, laughing and rejoicing with each other, and we did not need anyone one day, and thank God for his wisdom.”

Ministry of the Interior statement

It is noteworthy that the Saudi Ministry of Interior issued a statement today regarding the implementation of the death sentence for the Ethiopian maid who killed the little girl Nawal in her sleep by stabbing her several times in different parts of her body.

The statement stated: “By God’s grace, the security authorities were able to arrest the aforementioned offender, and the investigation resulted in accusing her of committing her crime. From the Court of Appeal and from the Supreme Court, and a royal order was issued to enforce what was legally decided, and it was supported by its reference against the aforementioned offender, and the death sentence was carried out as a result of the offender Fatima Muhammad Asfaw today, Sunday 6/3/1444 AH corresponding to 2/10/2022 AD in the city of Riyadh in the Riyadh region.

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