FilGoal | News | Al-Khatib: The relationship with Etisalat began years ago, and Al-Ahly has always taken the lead

FilGoal | News | Al-Khatib: The relationship with Etisalat began years ago, and Al-Ahly has always taken the lead
FilGoal | News | Al-Khatib: The relationship with Etisalat began years ago, and Al-Ahly has always taken the lead

Mahmoud Al-Khatib, President of Al-Ahly Club, stressed the need for the team’s fans to support the club’s sponsors, because it is considered part of the club’s success.

Al-Ahly held a press conference to announce a partnership contract with Etisalat Misr for the next 4 years, to be the club’s official sponsor.

Al-Khatib said during the press conference: “The contract with Etisalat Misr reflects the value and value of Al-Ahly, its history and its great popularity through a strategic partnership with one of the largest telecommunications companies in the Middle East to be the main sponsor and technological partner of the club during the next four years.”

And he continued, “My family has always possessed leadership and distinction, and it is one of the most clubs in the world crowned with championships and sporting achievements, and that the first appearance of sponsors in Egypt was on the club’s shirt in the late seventies, and since that time the boards of directors have successively worked on developing the sponsorship file and doubling its value, and searching for ways To attract sponsors and provide them with the best investment opportunities through advantages that allow success for all parties.

And he continued, “My family has a popularity and masses that no one else has, in addition to the club’s possession of a large fan base, which made it among the top five in the world for users of social networking sites, in addition to digital content that guarantees sponsors appearing at high rates on the club’s media platforms, which made the club a target for sponsors; For the value, history and popularity of Al-Ahly, which is always keen to be associated with large entities, and in a way that reflects the legacy of the Century Club, which passed 115 years ago, and its championships, which reached 144 local and continental championships.

He stressed, “The relationship with Etisalat Misr began many years ago, and it is a successful partnership that the club seeks to continue in the coming years, through fruitful cooperation that achieves successful goals for all.”

He added, “Al-Ahly fans are always the main partner, supporter, and biggest supporter in all situations, wishing the fans to support the club’s sponsors, because their success represents success for the club in general.”

He concluded, “The partnership that was announced between Al-Ahly and Etisalat Misr confirms the ability of Egyptian institutions to attract large investments, in light of the great support from the state.”

Saad Shalaby, Executive Director of Al-Ahly, said: “The sponsorship contract includes the football sector, sports activity, and the various branches of the club, and a contract that creates good opportunities due to the popularity of Al-Ahly and its huge sports teams.”

“There will be more sponsors and more celebrations, all within a week, and there will be international sponsors,” he added.

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