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Lakbira Al-Tunisi (Abu Dhabi)

Within a space full of joy and happiness, the audience of the Sheikh Zayed Festival in Al Wathba, Abu Dhabi, finds that they are on a daily date with entertainment, suspense and dazzling, inside the “Game City”, which extends over a wide area to meet the tastes of different age groups, opening its doors to attract adults and children, giving them an opportunity Enjoy an exceptional experience in a safe environment with international standards.

The Sheikh Zayed Festival, the global cultural and entertainment event, which celebrates the noble values ​​inherent to the Emirati society, and works to pass them on to future generations and countries of the world, a wide space for families that flock to it from different nationalities. It includes a global games city that offers huge entertainment shows, which were designed brilliantly and its facilities were chosen with great care, as it provides a wide range of games and recreational vehicles, in addition to the Al-Fursan area with its interactive games, which were designed and equipped with the highest safety standards.
The Festival Organizing Committee confirmed that the games were chosen to suit different ages, and provide the opportunity for visitors to enjoy an exciting atmosphere and a world full of entertainment through “Crazy Cars”, “Go Karting”, and the “Entertainment Wheel”, in addition to the most exciting “Forsan Zone”.

As part of an enjoyable experience, the “Forsan Zone” provides many shows and sports games that blend heritage and modernity, and between the real and virtual worlds. Saif Al-Kaabi, Director of Operations in the Al-Forsan area at the Sheikh Zayed Festival, said that the area provides an experience full of fun and suspense for family members, and friends find an opportunity to compete in an enthusiastic atmosphere, through many sports such as go-karting, bow and arrow, ax throwing, virtual archery, and the paintball game «Paintball». » Obstacle course, horse and camel riding, air barriers, spinning clock, jumping, moving bull, skill games, climbing wall and air rifle.

visual panels
Al-Kaabi pointed out that the area was designed with great care, as the games were divided according to each age group, stressing that the area contains interesting games for thrill-seekers, in open spaces to create an atmosphere of outdoor entertainment and adventure, explaining that all games are played under the supervision of a specialized staff, Pointing out that the place this year achieves a lot of dazzle and suspense, especially as it is enhanced with wonderful lighting and decorations, which constitute beautiful and charming visual paintings.

An outlet for children
The “Game City” is a wonderful outlet for adults as well as for children, in the open air, and receives visitors daily, starting at 4:00 in the afternoon, and gives the audience many fun options, each according to his passion, aspirations and interests. Ahmed Zain, who was accompanying his children in the games area, said that the open-air Sheikh Zayed Festival, which includes a variety of games, is an outlet for children and youth alike, especially as it includes places that help children release their energy in a safe environment.

Luminous toys
The games in this region illuminate a wide area of ​​the festival with their colors, and are distinguished by the diversity of their ideas and the multiplicity of their forms. There are games that are suitable for young people and do not represent any danger to them, and games that are suitable for young people and adults and give them an opportunity to spend the most beautiful times with their friends and families, and an opportunity to share wonderful experiences with their children, such as riding cars and the big wheel, and the game of motorcycle models, bumper cars, the famous roller coaster games, Little Magic, and other games Spirited. The visitor can choose between different games and experience the new and interesting in them, as the games area includes more than one difficult game that young people of both sexes accept, some of which are characterized by high speed, and others with interesting curves that elicit screams and loud laughter from their visitors, providing a more enjoyable atmosphere for all.

“House of horrors”
In order to add joy and happiness to the atmosphere of the festival, this year the city of games includes many games that have been developed, and others are new, including the “House of Horrors”, which is an exceptional adventure for lovers of mystery inside many dark rooms, which visitors pass through amid exciting surprises.
The area includes a competition among children for “ko-karting” vehicles, which requires the contestants to compete and complete the round without accidents in less than 5 minutes. The vehicles are equipped with many rubber tracks, and the competition is held in the open air, and the winners are awarded symbolic prizes.

“children’s area”
“Children’s City” is an area designed for young people to explore, play and learn through workshops and many fun activities. It also provides the possibility for children to stay in it for a period of time, so that their families can enjoy the many and varied activities of the festival.

“Street selfie”
Kenza Naji, a resident of Abu Dhabi, confirmed that she has been keen to visit the festival since its first session, explaining that this global event has witnessed a great development, and that she has been documenting many moments with her children, and today she is happy with the new and unique “Selfie Street” area for entertainment, entertainment and grants Visitors have the opportunity to take distinctive photos for use on social networking sites, especially since the area is characterized by decorations, bright colors and three-dimensional shapes designed in a professional manner.

“Crazy Car”
The “Crazy Car” area includes small cars for children that can be driven in an atmosphere full of joy, joy and safety. Parents often choose to accompany their children to achieve more fun, as they share driving cars in an attempt to overtake the contestants and not collide with them. Muhammad Rabie, who was sharing with his young son driving the car, said that this atmosphere achieves a kind of intimacy between children and parents, and makes them share memories in an atmosphere comparable to the cities of international games, whether in terms of design or degree of safety.

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