Egypt’s urban experience and urban development journey

Egypt’s urban experience and urban development journey
Egypt’s urban experience and urban development journey

Deaf blocks, buildings, and housing units, built in a barren desert, with no services or means of transportation to move to, this was the case with housing projects in previous ages, and this is the main reason for the citizens’ reluctance from those units that were shelters for outlaws.

The year 2014 came, and with it came a real change in the vision and culture of the government and its strategy towards construction and urbanization. With the passage of time, the government was able to restore confidence between it and the people, and made its residential projects a brand that all groups rush to book in. The government was able to outperform itself, and change Its thought and vision have reached the point where it has become superior to the thought of the private sector itself, which has been without competition for many years.

The million housing units project, i.e. the social housing project, came as its first sparks were launched in the year 2014, and it was its first official announcement, and that project came with a different idea to attract citizens and restore confidence, instead of implementing residential blocks and buildings, the project has become an integrated urban project, It includes all services such as “water, electricity and sewage” facilities, roads and landscapes at the highest level, nurseries, schools, etc., and means of transportation to and from the units to various nearby places, which led to a gradual increase in demand until everyone competed to obtain a housing unit, and it became on the reserve list Hundreds of thousands of citizens, in addition to more than one and a half million people benefiting from this huge project, which is the largest project in the world directed to the low-income category, which was able to obtain international acclaim and international awards, in addition to the demands of several countries for the need to teach the experience Egyptian urbanism within its countries to benefit from it.

This is at the level of housing directed to low-income people. As for the level of other groups, there was the Dar Misr project, which was the real beginning for the Ministry of Housing to enter the field of middle-income housing and provide units for middle-income people. Then came the Egypt Housing project, which was a project that meets the needs of the marginalized group. And neglected, which was located between the low-income and middle-income groups, and it met with a great turnout from citizens, and then came the Jannah project, the luxury housing project, which was a project directed to high-income groups, and then Egypt embarked on the highest and largest experiment, which is the experience after luxury housing, The experience of building towers, whether in New Alamein or the New Administrative Capital.

You may know, dear reader, that the Ministry of Housing has surpassed itself and the thinking of the private sector, and has become the real locomotive of the urban renaissance that Egypt is witnessing in the new republic. , and a unique urban experience that was able to obtain international acclaim and international awards, a tribute to everyone who participated in that vision, and this strategy, which made the deaf blocks of a real life that every citizen wishes to live in.

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