Snow at 1800 meters.. and the peak at this time

Snow at 1800 meters.. and the peak at this time
Snow at 1800 meters.. and the peak at this time

Father Elie Kneisser, a specialist in weather conditions, stated on his Facebook page that after the subtropical high activity subsided over Lebanon, the effect of the depression that carries pressure values ​​​​1003-1005 begins. hpaOn the region, starting from Thursday noon and intensifying at noon on the Syrian, Lebanese and Palestinian coastlines.

He added, “The depression deviated from southern Europe towards the eastern basin of the Mediterranean Sea, carrying with it high humidity and low temperatures, and rain will begin locally and sporadic before noon today, Thursday, to intensify at noon, and become comprehensive between afternoon and Friday morning.”

The depression enters its peak between Friday noon and Saturday morning, as the rain turns into a torrential rain, accompanied by hail and lightning, and wind speeds touching 75 km per hour, so temperatures drop and snow falls at an altitude of 2200 meters to lightly touch 1800-1900 meters, and accumulations are noticeable above 2200 meters.

The heavy rain on Friday and Saturday morning is due to the deviation of the jet stream (jetstream) Over Lebanon, which will increase the humidity in cumulonimbus clouds.

As the wind speed increases, sea waves will rise to touch two metres.

How will the rain be distributed in Lebanon and Syria?

First degree: the coastline from Syria to Lebanon and Palestine

Coast of Syria: Lattakia, Banias, Jableh, Tartous 110-140 mm / Homs: 13 mm

Palestine coast: 35-55 mm

Lebanese coast: Tripoli, Chekka, Batroun, Jbeil, Jounieh, Beirut: 90-125 mm

Sidon, Tyre, Marjeyoun, and Jezzine, 70-95 mm

Akkar: 50-65 mm

Northern and central western mountains: 45-75 mm

Central and western Bekaa: 55-65 mm

second degree:

Northern Bekaa: 20-35 mm

Rmeish and Bint Jbeil: 30-45 mm

Horan: 20-30 mm

Damascus: 10-20 mm

Endosperm: 27 mm

North Jordan 8-15 mm

The temperature on the coast for Friday: 20 during the day and 16 at night

In the Bekaa: 11 during the day and 07 at night

On the mountains 1200 meters: 11 days and 07 nights

On the mountains 2000 meters: 6 in the day and 01 at night

Wind: southwesterly, speed between 20 and 75 km per hour

Atmospheric pressure: 1006hpa

Humidity: 95% on Friday

Sea condition: rough waves, water temperature 25 degrees

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