Because of the tweet about the terrorist: Israel Fry was fired from DemokerTV

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“Sadly and distressed, I received a letter of dismissal from DemokratTV” announced today (Thursday) the journalist Israel Frei. DemokarTV is an internet news website operated by ‘Drachno’, headed by the Knesset candidate from the Labor Party, Yaya Pink.

Two months ago, Fry was suspended following a tweet he published on his Twitter account, after the foiling of the attack in Jaffa, in which he wrote that the terrorist who was arrested was a “hero”, since he insisted on looking for soldiers to harm them and not civilians.

“The truth? I will gladly pay any price for my freedom of expression and opinions, but the inclusive, bully and slanderous way they have taken towards me in order to cover their nakedness hurts me with pain. I will have to ask for formal justice in court, I will look for my way forward with my head held high. With faith. With love.” , Frei wrote today.

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In a tweet following his suspension, it was written: “Look what a hero is. He made it all the way from Nablus to Tel Aviv, and even though all the Israelis around him somehow take part in oppressing, crushing and killing his own people – he still sought legitimate goals and avoided harming the innocent. In a reformed world he would be Receives a medal,” Frei wrote about the terrorist who was captured as mentioned with Amalach and admitted that he was on his way to carry out a mass attack in the heart of Tel Aviv.

The weapon (photo: Police Spokesperson)

“Extreme and inappropriate expression”

Following this, the DemokratTV channel announced his suspension: “DemokratTV and the management of the Derchno movement announced the immediate suspension of the journalist Israel Frei, following an extreme and inappropriate statement he posted on Twitter yesterday.”

It is also written: “The Derchno movement and the DemokratTV channel represent the values ​​of the moderate majority and are supported, among other things, by regular monthly donations from thousands of Israelis. Frey’s statement has nothing to do with the values ​​of the movement, it was said based on his personal opinion only and we completely disavow it.

“Just as we would not accept statements supporting the transfer or hanging of a picture of Baruch Goldstein, so we refuse to accept statements like Fry’s. This is not our way, we will continue to promote moderate discourse while resolutely preserving democracy.”

“The channel’s management also regrets that female friends and staff members had to deal with inappropriate behavior yesterday on the part of Fry, which was witnessed by many in the channel’s broadcasting studios. We are committed to biting and professional journalism, but above all we are committed to a work environment free of violence and offensive conduct. Fry will be summoned for an investigation in the coming days.”

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