CEO Dialogue Sustainability strategies must involve all parties

CEO Dialogue Sustainability strategies must involve all parties
CEO Dialogue Sustainability strategies must involve all parties

Dubai: «Gulf»
The Dubai Chamber of Commerce recently organized a “Chief Executives Dialogue” under the title “Enhancing Impact and Improving Value by Involving Stakeholders in Sustainability”, which was organized at the start of the 2022 Sustainability Week, which the Chamber organizes annually to advance the sustainability agenda in the private sector.
The dialogue witnessed the participation of Maha Al Gergawi, Executive Director of Business Support at Dubai Chambers, Massimo Falcioni, CEO of Etihad Export Credit Company, Brian Long, General Manager of Boeing Middle East and North Africa, and Abbas Bango, General Manager of UPS for the Middle East and Asia. Al Wusta, and Dr. Nirouz Badr, CEO of Envision Partnership, who shared valuable insights on diversity and inclusion, strategies, best practices, tools and indicators to enhance the involvement of all stakeholders in developing sustainability strategies.
Maha Al Gergawi said that any effective methodology for sustainability requires commitment from business leaders and external stakeholders in order to achieve its goals of creating a real impact, adding that the Dubai Chamber of Commerce Sustainability Week and the CEO Dialogue provide an ideal platform to enhance cooperation and partnerships that create tangible results and stimulate positive change.
Al-Gergawi stressed the important role played by the concerned parties in providing rich experiences and new ideas that contribute to providing companies with innovative solutions that discuss sustainability challenges and enhance societal impact.
In this regard, she indicated that the Dubai Chambers, according to their new structure, play a vital and active role in enhancing the interaction and participation of stakeholders from the private sector, and involving them in formulating policies and initiatives that lead the sustainable development process.
The speakers in the dialogue reviewed the importance of identifying the various stakeholders who are able to create channels of communication, build trust and contribute effectively to corporate sustainability initiatives, in addition to managing and regulating the expectations of stakeholders, and maintaining relationships and links that are essential to achieving the sustainability goals set by companies.
In their speeches and introductory presentations, the speakers pointed out the importance of developing effective communication strategies targeting stakeholders, considering it an essential part of the success of efforts to advance sustainability.
The activities of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce Sustainability Week, which started on November 21 under the slogan “Engaging Stakeholders in Sustainability” and will continue until November 25, include organizing a round discussion session on opportunities, challenges and solutions related to customer engagement and interaction, and another discussion session that includes multiple stakeholders highlighting Innovative technologies that can support the interaction of stakeholders, in addition to organizing an exhibition on sustainable business and initiatives.
During Sustainability Week, a campaign was launched under the slogan “Let’s unite our efforts to enhance the involvement and interaction of stakeholders in sustainability”. The campaign aims to encourage companies and institutions to take practical measures within their strategy to enhance their communication and interaction with the stakeholders.

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