Emirates News Agency – The UAE-European Friendship Committee is discussing strengthening parliamentary cooperation with the Czech Parliament

Prague, November 25, WAM/ Members of the Friendship Committee with the Parliaments of European Countries in the Federal National Council, chaired by Her Excellency Meera Sultan Al Suwaidi, Chair of the Committee, met at the headquarters of the House of Representatives of the Czech Republic in the capital, Prague, with members of the Czech Parliamentary Friendship Committee, headed by Her Excellency Margitta Palastykova, Chair of the Committee. .

The meeting was attended by members of the UAE Parliamentary Friendship Committee with the parliaments of European countries, His Excellency: Marwan Obaid Al Muhairi, Vice-Chairman of the Committee, Sarah Muhammad Falaknaz, and Dr. Sheikha Obaid Al Tunaiji, Dirar Hamid Belhoul, and Dr. Hawaa Al-Dahhak Al-Mansoori, members of the Federal National Council, and HE Afra Al-Basti, Assistant Secretary-General for Parliamentary Communication in the General Secretariat of the Council. The meeting was also attended by HE Jiri Slavik, Ambassador of the Czech Republic to the UAE.

During the meeting, they discussed ways to strengthen cooperation relations between the two parliaments, and emphasized the importance of this visit in strengthening parliamentary cooperation and exchanging experiences in the interest of the two friendly countries and peoples, in light of the great developments and challenges the world is witnessing, and the required unification of positions and orientations on various issues. of common interest.

The meeting touched on the development of the UAE-Czech economic relationship in recent years, as the UAE is the Czech Republic’s second largest non-European trade partner after China, and the total trade exchange between the two countries in 2021 amounted to about 4.26 billion dirhams ($1.159 billion), while it amounted to The value of Czech exports to the UAE is $821 million, and the value of imports from the UAE is $337 million.

The economic relationship was strengthened when the UAE signed an economic, trade and technical cooperation agreement with the Czech Republic in January 2022, to inaugurate a new phase of economic relations and partnership in the fields of trade, investment, knowledge exchange, production activities, various industries, renewable energy, future technologies and innovation, modern agriculture, space, digital economy, health care and security. Food, entrepreneurship and medical tourism, in a way that supports sustainable economic growth plans in the two countries.

The Emirati-European Friendship Committee reviewed the UAE’s efforts in the field of renewable energy, and its hosting of the twenty-eighth session of the Conference of Countries (COP28) in 2023, as the UAE is considered one of the leading countries in the field of clean energy, and it has taken early steps towards achieving a balance between development and maintaining a clean environment. One of its most prominent efforts is hosting the headquarters of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) in Abu Dhabi, establishing Masdar City, which works to spread renewable and sustainable energy technologies, and establishing the Barakah Peaceful Nuclear Energy Plant, and has joint projects with more than 30 countries with a total value estimated at $20 billion. , as well as the signing of global climate agreements, including the Paris Agreement, the Kyoto Protocol, and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Reference was also made to the UAE’s achievements in empowering women in various fields, especially parliamentary ones, as women represent 50% of its members in the Federal National Council, which enabled the country to lead global centers in the field of women’s representation in Parliament and in many leading sectors. These achievements come within the framework of supporting the wise leadership of women.

The members of the Friendship Committee emphasized the success of the UAE in providing a model of stability and tolerance in the region, as more than 200 nationalities live in the country. This made the UAE achieve advanced global indicators in the concept of community cohesion and stability, and they referred to the Abrahamic Family House project in Abu Dhabi, which includes a mosque, church and synagogue, and is considered a global platform for promoting and exchanging dialogue and ideas between followers of the three monotheistic religions and a global model for tolerance.

For her part, the head of the Czech Friendship Committee stressed the depth of the existing cooperation and strategic partnership relations between the two countries, which are witnessing remarkable progress in various fields, noting the need for frequent visits and continued communication between the two committees to strengthen relations between the two parliaments, and to exchange views, experiences and issues that represent a priority for both sides in order to achieve The aspirations of the two countries to increase cooperation in various sectors.

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