Sheikh Qassim: No one holds Hezbollah responsible for not electing…

Sheikh Qassim: No one holds Hezbollah responsible for not electing…
Sheikh Qassim: No one holds Hezbollah responsible for not electing…

The Deputy Secretary-General of Hezbollah, Sheikh Naim Qassem, confirmed that if a president is not elected, the economic and social situation and the recovery plan cannot be moved, because the obligatory way to start reforms and start work to save Lebanon is to elect the president, so all the blocs are responsible for electing the president, so they do not burden anyone with the party. God alone has the responsibility, saying that we have a certain number in the House of Representatives, and we influence the amount of this number in electing the president and the other blocs, each of which affects according to its number.

In a meeting with the Energy and Water File Committee of the Governmental Work Authority in Hezbollah, Sheikh Qassem continued, “It became clear that there is no majority in any political direction, and whoever claims to have 67 deputies, he was gathering what does not meet, or he was delusional about the acceptability of his choices among the deputies.” New or independent, and it was revealed that the meeting of a third with his options is an exceptional achievement, and this number does not succeed as president.

And he stressed that no bloc has the ability to resolve the situation, calling for agreement between the different parties on the appropriate specifications for the largest number of blocs and representatives.

His Eminence considered that the white paper is a positive message of indecisiveness, while some of the names that were put forward hinder the agreement because they are provocative and they know that it will not succeed, and its political project is against the interest of Lebanon, and it links Lebanon to foreign interests.

He pointed out that if the resistance is a point of contention, refer it to dialogue, and let us bring a president who has the ability to work in rescue with the participation of all the Lebanese on the economic issue, and who has the ability to manage a dialogue table that can gather the Lebanese to discuss the issue of the defense strategy, and let us see what result we will reach.

He said, “Since we agree on the priority of the economy and the fight against corruption, let us resolve the contentious issues to dialogue, and it is natural that the characteristics of the president who sponsors the dialogue do not apply to those who prioritized in his previous positions disarming the resistance, stripping Lebanon of its power and exposing it to Israel.”

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