News 24 | Feverish struggle between satellite and technology!

It is expected that “satellite” will continue to be widely used in a number of countries in 2023. Despite the availability of various options for online entertainment and live streaming services, the receiver still provides a comfortable and reliable option for watching TV and listening to the radio. It can also be used to access a wide range of local and international TV and radio channels, as well as to watch live sports and other cultural and entertainment events.

However, receiver usage conditions may differ from one country to another. In some countries, there is a move towards Internet TV broadcasting more, while the receiver may remain the prevailing choice in other countries.

During a surveyNews 24There are different opinions about its use in the current era with the technical development, as it became clear that some people refuse to use receivers with monthly subscriptions that make it easier for them to watch the channels at any time, and there are others who use them because some satellite channels require a direct connection with the satellites, and it is mentioned that in the first His appearance was difficult and expensive, as its price reached 18 thousand riyals.

The emergence and development of satellite channels dates back to the year 1839 AD, and they are an important means in our daily life in terms of news and entertainment, and they are considered a basis in every home, but technological development has led to the disappearance of receivers in most homes.