Daughter of the artist Fahd Al-Hayyan: Before his departure, he felt that he would die

Daughter of the artist Fahd Al-Hayyan: Before his departure, he felt that he would die
Daughter of the artist Fahd Al-Hayyan: Before his departure, he felt that he would die

What surgery was performed on him before his death?


How did his death come about?

After a heart attack, he was subsequently taken to the hospital, but he bid farewell to life.

Raghad, the daughter of the late Saudi artist Fahd Al-Hayyan, revealed her father’s last days after he underwent surgery and felt close to death.

Al-Arabiya.net quoted Ibn Al-Hayat as saying: “My father underwent surgery at the end of Ramadan by removing the gallbladder in Jordan, and he was absent from us for 3 weeks.”

And she added: “When he returned, he was very different, as he was close to everyone, and his health was good, and two days ago he visited his big brother Abdel Aziz, whom he considers like a father and brother, and who was close to us in an unprecedented way, even everyone was saying that his face was bright and well-spoken.”

And she continued: “During the past days, we had many sessions with each other, as if he felt that he would leave us, so that during our sessions he would come to see (biography) death, and we would tell him after a long life, but he would reassure us and try to calm us down.”

And she continued the conversation: “He was the night before his death in the office to work and did not return home, and in the morning a phone came from the office workers, and told my mother that my father was tired in the office, and he was taken to the hospital, and here my mother was upset because she was not with him, and she felt that this time he was different, and that he He will leave us, and they asked us to pray for him, and his heart stopped twice before he passed away during the afternoon period.”

And she concluded her speech: “I saw my father and Woody reassuring all his fans. Praise be to God, I watched him, while he was witnessing, raising his finger and smiling, as if he was sleeping. As I felt comfortable seeing him, I would like you to rest.”

And she continued by saying: “I know that he is not our loss alone, but rather your loss is all of you, similar to what I found of the amount of people’s feelings that I did not expect and supplicate for him, and despite the calls and messages that I did not respond to, but their presence with me in their hearts filled my mind in an indescribable way .. And thank God my father was not complaining From anyone, and no one was mentioned with evil, and praise be to God that he passed away and his good life did not go away.

And last Monday, the Saudi artist, Fahd Al-Hayyan, died of a heart attack at the age of 52.

The deceased was famous for the character “Hazar” in the series “Tash Ma Tash”, and he also played the role of the hero in the series “Ghashchem”, and announced his retirement in 2014, to step back and return to acting again in separate scenes.

Al-Hayyan is also considered one of the most prominent producers of Saudi works of art, in addition to being a symbol of comedy in local drama.